They Say Smokin' Kills,
Man I Don't Care,
I'd Rather Die Breathin' Smoke Than Livin' In Air,

And I Gotta Say That Life Is Overated,
Cos When Your Dead At Least You Know That You Won't Be Hated

I Was Born To Live,
Now I'm Livin' To Die,
Don't Ask Me Any Questions Cos' I Don't Know Why

I Don't Care If I Go To Hell Or Up In The Sky,
It's All Good To Me Just As Long As I Die,

Cos I've Had Enough Of Bein' Skint,
I've Had Enough Of Not $$$$ing A Bint,

I've Sure Had Enough Of The Daily Struggle,
I'd Shoot Myself Dead But It Ain't That Subtle,

That' Why I Got A Death Wish,
It Ain't Been Granted Yet,
I Keep Rubbin' On The Lamp,
Ain't Dead So I Start To Fret

I Ain't Got No Lover,
I Ain't Got No Babies,
It Just Adds To My Struggle,
Man It Drives Me Crazy

Everyday I See My Friends Do Good,
I Ain't Gonna Do Well,
But I Wish I Would,

It's Kinda Hard When You Fall Behind Your Peers,
That's Why Im Sat In My Room And I'm Drinkin' Beers

Oh Why Oh Why Does The Lord Ignore My Prayer,
To Be Dead In The Mornin'
Even He Don't Care

But When The Lord Does Lay My Ass Down To Rest,
He'll Ask Me If I'm Happy, And I'll Say Yes