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Thread: Artist seeking producer to work with!!

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    Artist seeking producer to work with!!

    Hi, I'm a 26 yr old man from the Midlands looking to work with a producer from the UK. I've been writing and spitting lyrics for over 12 years now, and now I think its time for me to do something about it! I am mixed race (half Fijian and half Indian), so my style of flowing is British / Indian humor with a bit of west coast style (lived in California for 4 years). UK grime has been blowing up recently (bout time), and I wanna be part of it. If there are any producer(s) out there who are looking for an artist to work with, then let us know....Tango!!

    PS. I ain't messing about, this is serious!!

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    sup TANGO, sound like ur ready 2break da scene cuz. i like it, if u still looking for a producer then holla at me ok. from south london and got some grimey beats that u mite enjoy. hit me back B.

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    im mixed race 2, and from da midlandz, i bin spittin 4 a while, n i write deep lyricz, i dnt do non of that 'im dis, im dat' rubbish... i talkin bout war, genocide, tingz lyk dat.
    if u stil spittin n wanna do a song 2geva (lyk 8 bar, 8 bar, den chorus, 8 bar, 8 bar, chorus n den 2 barz each 4 16barz) den dat wud b kool,
    ryt bak 2 manz, n if u got msn, wotz ya addy??
    safe man

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    Guy Furiouz
    yo im a producer from luton ( south east ) im fully indian and i been producing for about 7-8 years and it seems like your eralli serious about this so go on my site and let me no if you wanna collab

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    Remixing Offers

    Hi everyone I am looking for artists to work with, remixing and producing, this seemed like a good thread to post on! I'm looking to expand my portfolio of remixes as I am working on getting into remixing as a career, but I still need to do another 20-30 remixes in various styles before the labels that can pay will take me anyones interested get in touch with me the address is - the studio website is, but ignore it for now it is under construction should be up and running in a week or two though....also I thought I should add I'm trustworthy and if you sent me mixes you would NOT see them going out as white labels - only you and my mates and potential labels would hear them, and the remix would be yours to keep and do what you want with! Nice one hope to hear from you :-)
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