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Thread: UK Rap VS. USA Rap

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    you really think so? or are you just saying that cos i said dont be harsh lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random_Wun
    you really think so? or are you just saying that cos i said dont be harsh lol
    I have some music on

    I'll PM you to where it is

    You tell me what you think of mind

    I like your flow

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    ok thanks

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    check out my Ten G's

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    hey s'up mandemz,
    Random dat woz sick1 for begginer,
    Herez suma my beatz:
    I heard u talkin out ya bakside,squatsqueeze/
    but i don't wanna hear da bull$$$$ so stop plz/
    coz u don't plok G's/
    & u aint doin no showz 4 no top feez/
    or travel ovaseaz/
    small tyme titch,$$$$$,4 tymez snitch/
    u gotta pass me 2 get rich/
    fukin midget, meet me down my endz & i'll leave u by ur ticket/
    den hit u 4 six like criket/
    im pimpin da game u trik it/

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    hey again! lol
    Dey call me fiesty/
    but i aint nasty/
    coz i've got my pride whilst i rise da tide/
    as u can see dey call me fiesty coz i'm fresh like "waaat"/
    i'm raw like "waaat"
    my great lyrical flow just seems 2 glow/

    I'm da best ting since sliced bread/
    coz i'm somali itz alwayz been said/
    born & bred in da land of soldierz, i pack a punch/
    not a packed lunch/
    i'll make ur nose go crunch/
    i got my endz down west/
    $$$$$ u can't test!/

    To say da truth i'm relaxed in da bruz/
    let da cratez be da proof/
    & da money be sent ova seaz/
    civilianz sufferin/
    dey don't deserve it/
    cryin out but not even 1 heard it/

    u see i got brainz & beauti/
    i don't just shake my booty/
    frm da east 2 da west/
    i do it betta dan da rest/

    I spit lyricz like a G/
    not a wannabe/
    I'll leave u on da floor sayin whu woz dat G?/
    now dat woz just me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_Fiesty
    small tyme titch,$$$$$,4 tymez snitch/
    u gotta pass me 2 get rich/

    now that is a dizzee rascal bar merkin crazt titch luv

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    in other words fiesty, dont bite cos you will get found outttt

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    You wanna beef? How'd you like it cooked?
    Well done, burnt or lightly mushed?
    Speakin' of mushed, your mind's all over the place
    I should draw lines all over your face
    Until it looks like a damn colouring book
    Talking of fear like you look to get a mother$$$$er here shook
    I should kick your ass and take off with your loot
    You just got hit by my two-way, you didn't bother to look
    both ways, but there are no two ways about this
    You rock the same old $$$$, you need to change your outfit
    Hearin' all the bull$$$$ this game's come out with
    I should break its $$$$in' head until the brains come out it
    The game has been fair - it's a shame about it
    Because now it's been twisted at an angle outwards
    Like Kurt Angle tapped out in a wrestle bout
    Peep this goddamn rap, see what it's about
    This is a fight between cat and dog so be sure to keep the puppies and the kittens out

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    i'm logged on homiez/an since i found this room/
    bunch'a crumbz an dust mites/i'ma lower tha broom/
    everybody wantin' beef/when then they should be suckin up gerber's/
    buncha made up names for lames/i'll murda tha never heard'a's/
    that means ya name is garbage an ya rhymes are trash/
    azz whole dyck heads/frontin wit bit stylez soundin half assed!/
    i'll throw uh bowl uh spit in ya face an mek ya lick every bit/
    this aint no fight between kat an dog/yall jus some petty bytch/
    if you feelin feisty come try me/i'm tha best thing since "sliced bread"/
    pleez!!/wit them perpetrated lines/ you tha best bytch givin nice head!?
    I'll attack uh krew/jus for uh snack or two/
    say my name 5 times/ya frontin dayz r ova/i'm in back uh you/
    you can be uh star in ya car an still git'cha head lights smashed/
    sound click dot com/i'm on my way ta smash more nastee azz/

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    US Rappers definitely!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrulyMe88 View Post
    im from the usa. anyone wanna battle me from the uk? next person who replies goes first. lol. much luck, mutha facklez!
    American dream?
    More like American lie.
    Meet Mr Average Typical American Guy
    Sit back and watch this American die
    Never knowing he will never taste the American pie!
    America why!?
    Oh America you so sly
    Uncle Sam saying “don’t make America cry”
    Take your stars and your stripes and fly America high
    Everything is great in this American’s eyes!

    But I! I object, I defect - cries the man who neglected his son
    Sent him off to a war that his country never won
    “We regret to inform you of the death of Jimmy”
    Whilst his daughter is vomiting trying to stay skinny.
    I just wanna be like Britney! She said.
    The man shakes his head, “I wish her mother cared”
    But she ran off with a dentist instead - just because he hit her once and laughed when she bled.
    Then one night he hears the vomiting sound
    Sees his daughter passed out and pasty on the ground
    Grumbles and bundles her into the car
    Rushes her down to E and R
    “Great news we think she might pull though”
    “Just one thing – who do we send the bill to?”
    This leaves our man broke and alone
    Never achieved anything other than a highschool diploma
    His son is dead and his wife has shown
    Her true colours and his daughters in a coma
    He’s got no option stops at the store buys a semi-automatic
    Blows his brains out his heart beats then is static
    Well now America have you had your fun?
    He may have pulled the trigger but America loaded the gun.
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