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Thread: What's in your cd player?

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    Now Thats What I Call Music.. Comp

    Hi guys,
    We're Hudson-PR!
    We are currently doing the Pr campaign for the Now compilation series.
    As some of you may be aware, the Now Albums have now entered their 25th year, to celebrate, they are releasing a 'NOW 25 YRS' Album, and releasing 'NOW 1' The first ever album.

    We're looking for Crazy, die hard 'NOW MUSIC' fans to feature in some real life pieces for magazines such as 'Real People', 'Take a Break' , ect.

    You just need to tell us :
    1-Why you are the UK's BIGGEST Now Music fans
    2-How you can prove it
    3-why we should pick you.

    The winner will feature in mags across the country. You will also get the chance to party with Celebs and pop stars with invites to the exclusive Now Music party in London!



    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    New Single...'falling out of touch'

    Conor Mason's new sinlge 'falling out of touch'.
    It is just out this week. There were only a few limited edition single pressed and number. You can hear his music at

    Check it out!

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    (Quite a random one...)

    Dear Ephesus:- Consolation of Pianissimo

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    switching between the new kings of leon album and Pearl Jam live at MSG bootleg.

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    Red And Meth Blackout

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrea_cute
    Still one of my favorite topics and I have to resurrect it. anyway Hmm.. well my nearest cd player is the dvd player (that count???) and it is full with rolling stones concert tour dvd.. which is very good and I think I shall watch now.

    I have Folklore & Superstition - Black Stone Cherry in my CD player. Its a pretty good album im kinda new to the band but i like them!!!

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    hey, my names ben. I joined this forum in maybe being able to find a solution for my problem.

    Now my problem: I'm a musician and although lyrically I am flowing I cannot seem to find any inspiration music wise. The last album that got me and held me captivated was Brand New's "the devil and god are raging inside me". and previous to that was death cab for cutie's "the photo album"

    is there anything anybody can suggest at all?

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    Same Difference 'we r 1' is in my CD Player on repeat! its a great track soo make sure you guys check it out..really catchy! & it doesnt hurt that the guys are HOTT! lool make sure you guys check it out!

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    I don't have a cd player ;-(
    I check out youtube and - for emerging talent. Neeed more music sites. Got any?!!

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    Kings of leon the new album rocks

    if you are in a band and want some exposure:

    all bands considered!


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    i dont think they have an album yet, but im pumpin this record in my car!!

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    Staind - Illusion in Progress!

    Im going to see them live next month, so got to be able to sing along!

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    My cd player has 3 disks. They are Reel Big Fish - Everything Sucks album, The Best of Supertones and The Best of Bob Marley. Nice reggae ska riddims. Peace!

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    The Hold Steady - Stay Positive. Bought it ages ago with a lock of other CD's and only listened to it properly once, and been hearing songs randomly on the shuffle on my MP3 player and stuff. But I've been listening to it all together a bit recently, and its excellent!

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    I'm my CD player is The View's 'Which B*tch?' album (which is more a piece of art than an actual music album), and in my DVD player is the Manic Street Preachers 'Manic Millennium' DVD (which gets more entertaining the more you watch it).

    Oh, and I'm listening to Bloc Party on my laptop right now.

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    i have pantera - reinventing hell, in my cd player, however i very rarely use my cd player anymore haha.

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    rock is cool!!!!!

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    Currently anything (and everything) by Alice In Chains and Rocket From The Crypt, two bands I got into ages ago, haven't listened to for ages, re-discovered and have fallen in love with once again. Right now though, I'm listening to random classic rock hits (got "Layla" on at the moment)!

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    Well a really old thread, but...

    In my CD player is Robert Johnson - fantastic blues guitarist who is one of my absolute favourites. He influenced so many of the great players from Clapton to The Rolling Stones to Led Zep. He's essential to any music library.

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    At the moment Beta Band - The Three E.P's

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