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Thread: Welcome thread

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    thats what i was calling him for ages....rob finds girls on the net and tel them he loves them!!!

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    lol how old is rob??????

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    erm can't remember!!!

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    Hey everyone, i'm new here... what up?

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    hey welcome hope ye have fun!

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    im bak!!

    waa gwaan

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    Quote Originally Posted by fellow_crazy
    what you talking about cyber sex..If you'r trying to say i did that with you..well you can go and swing cause i did no such thing and i would never either
    i'm sayin i don't randomly tell ppl on the internet that i love them. i wouldn't do that. i'm happy with my g/f. 11 & 1/2 mnths

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    well u did to me and u just said 32, married 7 years and has 2 kids. what a life!?

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    Sup, I'm lady porcelain.

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    yeah you alrite, welcome to the site.
    (i should MC - lol)

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    welcome to ukmusic have fun

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    dis be silly-b, A.K.A konk man, A.K.A $$$$ man, but mostly known as da general, but goin by da name of silly-b

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    ant i say G-A-S-H ON DIS TIN BOSS

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    im new here dis ma first post as u can see and im an mc and i produce a bit aswell safe

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    Hello from a rock music fan in Norfolk.. ooh aah!

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    Alreet from up North and all the fella's at

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    hate artic donkeys

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