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Thread: Welcome thread

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    yeah did you tel her to click on eneter my site?lol

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    lol yea and she went DUH. lol @ her self... U watch eastenders?

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    Dec 2005
    Hi im Brian, I cut Vinyl and i MING HARD! or so my gf says

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    lol hi. o i c! ur hard lol. safeage

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    stop chatting waffle

    shut up halo u clown u have made yourself an enemy u CANT RAP IM BETTER U AINT READY FORR MY BARS

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    everyone the best mc in london is here u best log off now my bars are hot like tyres halo U CANT RAP

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    ite. i right. music. safeige

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    lol have been since i was about 13 on and off lol

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    Hi everybody, I'm Jenny and I'm 17, I enjoy horse riding and swimming.
    I hope I fit in here, everybody seems so nice...

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    hay girls welcome 2 the family

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    lol ite every one?

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    nuthink much! just lookin at lushe farraries. I SO WANT 1 it not fare man

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    lol what you want a farrarie for?

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    lol i think i spelt it right? the car! lol. oh im making a mueseum thingie. about what paradise is to me. and my music=em thing is gunna be baby blue, and the inside is gunna be a farrarie shape like thing. with the stuff in like - okay ive confused my self im stopping there lol

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    lol...i miss read it i though it said farrie dunt ask y but i did lol

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    im nu lol

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