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Thread: Welcome thread

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    Dec 2005
    hey guys, i just wanted to say a quick hi hi hi , just registered today


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    hey to all!

    hey im miss sexy lynx or stace sup to you. hello evrybody

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    May 2005
    Hey All welcome to the forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K4RnTs
    Btw... you realise you spelt "aidan" the same twice right???

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    yea k4rnts i ment to spell it aidan and aiden

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    hi! whats every 1 up tooo.

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    hi ite

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    Ok...are we going to talk about something because if we don't we'll just be saying heya and hi for ages

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    lol. ulike the new misy elliot design?
    i got a pare of her new trainers today

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    Haven't seen them yet...What they like?

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    well the 1s i got this morning r babyblue with a bit of green sorta colour. i got lots of pics on my piczo site of the missy eliiot design!! i realy want the blue set but cant find it be perfect for my cusins christning my mum wants me to look smart but im not going in nothin she wants me to were!

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    lol...aite il look for them on the net and see what there like

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    lol i got a whole page of her new desgin on my sight! trainers are called missy metro attatude, but the 1s i got today isnt on my sight

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    there the 1s i found a pic. of them i fel in luff wit em! igot blue laces witch came with em! and got the paterns on them! heehee im hyper!

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    aite....der nice runners yea

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    Ok i dunt lky them runners sory but the red ones on your site are nice

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    lol safge every 1s got the own opinions. lol. its cooolish! lol. did you get on my sight okay cause my bessie m8 was like how do i get on i can only c the video n front page

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