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Thread: Is Pop Dead?

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    yeah pop is dying cuz people keep downloading stuff and i guess music companies are losing money cuz then they're not making money when stuff is downloaded.

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    Well thats not strictly true, all music is facing the changing mode of making money, agreed the profits from record and CD sales is being affected and therefor the super normal profits may be affected. However, record companies, singers and groups will have to up their game plan to add value to thier products. This means more concerts, television, radio performances adding non downloadable benefits to buying the CD would help, maybe changing from simple record CD's to full performance videos would increasing the download size and time would help solve the problem of illegal downloads. The fact of the matter is, the internet has given extrodinary power to the consumer who wants better value for their hard earned cash. Taking into account that to download a record on the net from Amazon cost around 99 pence per track. It is roughly the same acumulative price to buy the original CD. If the record companies took off the CD production and distribution cost they could sell the tracks themselves over the net for around 40 pence each. Then by cutting out the middle men they would actually see thier profits rise because the track price would be well within acceptable price range of consumers.
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    I don't think Pop is dead at all, if it was so, then so many pop acts would not be making a comback. There are some amazing pop acts out there...look at girls aloud, sugababes, Madonna and Robyn! POP is here too stay!!!!

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    No its still going strong take a look

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    I donīt think so... Pop is strongest than ever, but there have been an Evolution on it... i think David Guetta feat Usher "Without you" is really a pop song... or Taio Cruz... so, if you check Billboar charts you can see, "Pop songs" are on top of it.

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    pop simply evoluates, and is not specially more "artificial" than rock music.
    all musics are today linked to the industry, to business, to profit..
    Anyway, pop and rock music are not so distinctive from each other since all styles of music
    are mixed together in contemprary music..

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    is a very interesting question agree with people saying pop music evolves to determine what is the pop genre at anytime. But at the same time as people have access to so many genres now thanks to the internet people have a broad range in their own top ten so to an extent to pinpoint pop right now isnt easy

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    Britney was always a definition of pop and look at her now. I think pop is slowly dying. Hopefully there will be someone
    brave enough to put pop back in the game.

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    No!!! It's evolving!

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    Damn, thought this was a thread about Iggy. Panic over.....

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    pop died along time ago really & truly and got taken over by the funky and house genre in my eyes

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    no but yes

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    Of course not, he lives in Rome. Oh...POP! I thought you said is the POPE dead. Soz!

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    Pop will always be around (pop means Popular music). What ever is popular at the time is pop music.

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    Probably not dead, but it does feel like it could do with a freshen up.

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    SweetNews on Facebook are pretty hot

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    as long as simon cowell is alive pop will never die!

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    The problem is how wide of a spectrum 'pop' music covers. Michael Jackson was pop at the same time Aqua was pop. There will always be genuine people breaking into mainstream pop stardom, and there will always be corporate images that get built by the agencies they work for, songs written for them, voice autotuned.

    Pop is and will always be 'popular' music. By definition, it will never die, it will just change. Right now I think is awesome because society is so different, nobody can agree on something they like, so nothing is that popular with everyone, it's lovely

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddie05 View Post
    It depends what you define pop as
    If you mean cheesy bubble gum pop then yes that is more or less dead!

    But popular music evolves with time and alot of pop listeners are investing into alot of american rnb, does this mean rnb is turning into the new pop??

    Alot of manufactured groups etc are all now trying to take on a more "urban" look to keep up with time.....
    I totally agree - POP has "popular music" so what ever becomes popular - becomes POP. UK urban music has become incredibly commercial any way - a lot of it is what we consider to be 'pop production' with rap.

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