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Thread: Is Pop Dead?

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    no its not Katy Perry

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    Quote Originally Posted by saz View Post
    Pop music has really declined in recent years. Is pop going out of fashion?

    Have you noticed that pop music has really declined over the last couple of years? I am not talking about the quality of music, but the number of pop acts. We used to have the Spice Girls, Busted, Take That, East 17... the list goes on...

    Is pop dead? What do you think and how is this affecting the music industry?
    I wouldn't say pop is dead... it's definitely deteriorated over the years I agree but from traditional pop music has formed newer sort of styles and genres, for instance I was at a gig in London a few weeks ago and saw this new band called 'Paper Boats' - I would generally name their music pop but it was completely different to traditional indie guitar pop bands, they had a great 80's vibe about them so bands like them seem to be keeping things going, have a listen to them on soundcloud they're really good! Very 80's pop - type in paper-boats as an extension.

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    Pop isn't dead - I don't think pop can die!
    Pop just refers to what the current trend is; pop is music for the masses. It's not defined by musical ideas or structures like other genres.
    Pop soaks up the best (or at least most loved) ideas from other genres. Look how much modern pop takes from Motown, House, Techno, Dubstep, Reggae and Rock. Pop music just condenses other genres into an slick, highly produced formula that makes money! And considering the amount of money one can make in the industry (which still suffers as sales continue to diminish!) pop is well and truly alive!

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    It will never be dead and pop started of something different from what it is today in current trend and I like to listen this type of genre music. Most of the persons like this type of music.

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    2013 is the beginning of a new music competition Called Teenstar ( ). The competition is aimed at teenagers between the age of 11 to 19 and participants will get there music heard by a panel of the industries finest judges AND perform in the O2 arena. They will also be in with a chance to win the 20,000 prize pool.

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    no pop is not dead, no music is dead - it always comes back full circle

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    I think the mechanical nature of the X Factor has to take a large amount of responsibility for the decline of pop. There's still some amazing music out there though.
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    pop will never die, its constantly reinventing itself - not always for the better!

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    It hasn't declined, only changed. Whether that change is positive or not is a matter of opinion.

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    Dance music and EDM it's the new pop !!!

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    Pop Music transforming in Dance Music

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    NOO. its just moving with the times... and following what the current 'popular sound' is.

    Which has been labelled as this new genre called 'Deep House' when in fact its not even actual deep house (which originated in 80s) Suppose its all down to ones views or what shelf or pigeon hole people want to label their music as.

    I'm just trying to make an example of Radio1 because i'm their biggest fan, and Zane Lowe is my hero

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    Pop is an abstract and can't technically die. It refers to what is popular culture, so as long as there is a dominant popular culture, then that will always be 'pop'. Eminem goes into the charts with a succession of hits; that's then pop music. Pop music is completely changeable, and will always be a cash cow for major corporations to pedal their wares. But just because something is popular doesn't always mean it's bad. There's a lot of craft and skill that goes into the songwriting, arranging and production of many pop songs, regardless of what other genre that song may live in.

    If you're talking about 'pop music' as in groups like Steps, Spice Girls, etc. That's essentially taking ideas and themes (musical and social) that are current and rolling them into one accessible safe package. Generally, it will borrow cliches from all genres to create the radio friendly sum of it's parts. What we have now though is an experienced audience who ultimately want to hear new music which keeps them relevant and fashionable. You can't be appearing to keep on flogging a dead horse and expect to sell records to a mass market who are ultimately in control of trends. I am 100% certain taht there are still groups out there making music similar to Steps/Westlife etc, but simply put that music isn't selling as well as the popular music we have in the charts now.

    I hope that's clear...

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