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Thread: Mc Battle Thread.

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    Feb 2012
    Its my first time on this site and i think this site is quite sick
    But then i was looking at all of your rhymes and i realise most of you guys just chat $$$$.
    You make out like your some badman mc but your nothing but a fake, so stop lying
    You $$$$$s go on like your so hard so you thought you'll get far by start rhyming
    Well guess what your time has run out, its your cue to $$$$ off and duck out
    You can't win but talking bull$$$$ you need to go home and make up some new $$$$
    Because the lyrics that you spit are ridiculously weak, so stop it
    You sound a typical mc who can't handle his weed and makes no profit. Yo!
    You go on about weapons, so what! I can get one in seconds
    But you wana pull out a gun on me because you need mc lessons
    Oh my days you must have a depression, you can't handle me on a session
    I $$$$ing pick up the mic and cause a $$$$ing massive destruction
    I'm a volcanic eruption! I explode and spit fire
    My flow is the lava and ima spray it everywhere, i don't care
    I'll burn everybody out and cover ashes in the air. Yeah!

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    kids now a days dont understand fully,
    walking around with a blacked out huddy.
    prowling the streats with a shank all alone,
    and a guy gets stabed for his mobile phone.
    elders out of the youth agers,
    reliase im stood on stages.
    not wrighting nothig o to pagers,
    just freestyling earnig the wagers.

    dnt make me laugh dnt make me go,
    3,2,1 its blaze on the mic im letting it flow.
    got bare ryhmes got plenty to show,
    im no fake badman thought you should no.
    iv done my time you see,
    ad your comeing on here trying o beef.
    last person that cussed i bought them a wreith,
    when i put the $$$$er six foot deep.

    bang smash my door goes through,
    its 6 in the morning what should i do.
    im getting raiderd n dint have a clue,
    HANDS ON YOUR HEAD nah $$$$ you!
    your a grass dnt send me mail,
    come at the wrog time thats a fail.
    leaveing now with just my scale,
    $$$$ the plats your still of to jail.

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    I make war when i battle,
    Im a creature in a cage-
    listen to it rattle,
    when i breakout imma-
    gather my herd and cattle,
    im foul,goin in for a tackle,
    1 arm in a shackle,
    other swinging,PUNCH
    Bang,lights out,
    that bar was 'crisp'
    like im a monster,munch
    i could eat these Mc's for lunch

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    yo manchester boi listen listen hook left and a right straight to your chin i live near you so watch your back or ill break ya face in you run to your mum ill be there chasing your a taliban look like the battle of hastings im not chinese im not so dont try chop me up and put me in a sushi dish ill drop ya to the floor like this ya momma looks like a fish and us boyz r gunna take pure piss

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    Great material in this thread !

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    Oct 2012
    top-shotta you aint on toppa manz higher than you like im sat in the choppa // your the fetherweight stamp come test me im the heavyweight champp and i get royal head like stamp from ya gal oh dere no she a TRAMP //

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    Thread closed.

    Go to link below for new MC Battle Thread

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