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Thread: Mc Battle Thread.

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    Mc Battle Thread.

    O.k, so know you've got me up on the open mic forum
    so heres some lyrics i got for em
    an you all read my $$$$ an say what's the point
    well i dont mean to dissapoint - but its cos i get more points

    Im mc delight an i dont care what you say im always gonna hold it tight
    so you can say whateva you like but u aint gonna win the fight

    oh now your talkin like your comin with danger
    listen stranger - im a power ranger
    takin you right off the league - indeed, its what i need, guaranteed
    a pen and paper writin like im a greed

    well im gettin board at the minute, but it doesnt matter cos i already won it

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    Jul 2005
    All you need is milk and a tall glass
    Mix that sh*t fast...thats angel delight you ass
    You talk about your points but you still aint sh*t
    Respect is how you know we know you can spit
    Get up on the mic...stop son, its a text battle
    You say whats the point? So why the f*ck do you babble

    So bring your pink power ranger ass
    I'll show you im in my own class
    Like Nas im not here to clown
    when i come thru you better get, get, get down
    This guy dont wanna battle he shook
    There aint no such things as half way crooks
    Ok i pimped that off 8 mile
    But thats how far you better run if you wanna keep a smile

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    nuff swag emcees comin on dis site//
    so time 2 merk ca n delight//
    im a veteran, cum wiv lyrics dat r beta-dan u//
    weak emcees aint a barrier, i break straight thru//
    wot u on wiv ur crap bars? ur both pr!cks//
    dis threads called 'mc battle' not 'chat bare sh!t'//
    so stop chattin brezee wtf r u doin//
    ur not a G cum on a website screwin, im slewin//
    power rangers aint gd dere swag believe mi//
    but u aint even one ur more like a tweeny//

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    Back once again with this lyrical ill sh*t
    CA1 on your block dissin another bit*h
    Sharpie, dude, blunt like a spoon
    Your rhymes suck, go back to your shrooms
    Dope head bit*h your weak like pis$
    Dont ever come around here, your shots whack they miss
    I aint felt a word you said
    U didnt merk me, where in your rhyme did u say mine? Name
    Thats what your ass'll be cryin
    When i run thru yo hood n leave u dyin
    Blood splattered pavements, concrete cracked
    Six slugs in your chest, another mark jacked
    Sh*t, I didnt wanna go this far
    But your reply was pus$y wet in dat dem bars

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    Feb 2005
    Lyrically im grown up, so dont waste my time wiv babies//
    u can call mi '$$$$$' but i aint the one with rabies//
    n truss i dun buy ur $$$$ty rudeboi lyrics//
    so hush u aint cin a shank or gat stik//
    u spit simple, my bars come in 'riddles'//
    ur ment 2 b spittin so y u comin out wiv 'dribble'//
    u say ur lyrically 'sick' but dat aint true//
    coz da onli reason u wud b 'ill' is if u had flu//

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    You call your selves mc battlist, but i dont even feel dissed
    so theres some more points youve just missed
    common mcs, comin on here i atleast expect a challenge
    your words aint even stinge,
    an aint that what its supposed to be all about -
    so i think i won the first and final bout
    you go on about mixin milk in a tall glass
    to be honest id rather pass
    cos id wanna mix my tune an takeover your trash
    cos this is also about the lyrical fash
    an all you do it is go an get your lyrical stash

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    Jul 2005
    Days go by, minute after minute hour after hour
    You both starin' at a blank pad
    Your rhymes you had are worthless n weak
    So step your game up if you think your sh*ts sleak
    Keep mixin your rhymes and yea i'll go to my lyrical stash
    Ive got heavy rhymes, that put holes in your ass
    Look here your a low profile loser
    Go figure bit*hes your 2 time losers
    Delight, you didnt win the 1st or the last bout
    Your still talkin about points, man cut that sh*t out
    Sharpie dude we bin here before
    You keep on dribblin...more n more
    Like a baby, here bit*h you need a bib
    Stupid punk your like jackson, u told fibs
    Im glad you came back so i could slay you some more
    This sh*ts so easy 'ive got points to score' hahahah

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    Wat ya sayin, Mr T s'up onda trak,
    s'up onda trak,runin mah trap, lyk dat
    i write dese rhymes, to open up ur eyes up n see,
    to see that im tha greatest of them all, dats me

    I vent mah anger onto this blank page
    a young age, im slewin bois dat are twice mah age
    wen im runnin dese bars, its jst flow afta flow
    mic in mah hand n im showin up tha show

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    all of you brehs lack any visible talent, please put the mic down/
    i flow intricate im articulate i posess skill 2 go round for round/
    throwin in the towel is your only escape from the grip of death/
    in this contest im the best, verbally spit hot slugs thru your chest/
    i kno sharpie got talent for real ive battled him time n time agen/
    all these other heads r swag, what were u finkin wen u picked up the pen?/
    alwaysthe greatest, still the most rated wen i spit liquid diction/
    i provide a in depth insight for wannabes to practice perfection/

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    Jul 2005
    Ok, so, 1st it was delight n then it was sharpie
    Now its fake Mr T and the wannabe rascal
    Son, i hear what you sayin
    So much so i think you need slayin
    How does it feel to know your gettin weak
    I let my pen leak, to constantly defeat when i speak
    The liquid you spittin aint nothin but fiction
    Saliva covered lies you tell to your guys
    You carry on spittin the way that you do
    N sharpie always gonna be the cat that u slew.
    Mr he aint worth commentin on
    Fu*k it...He deserves gettin beat on
    You showed up at the show, showed yourself up at the show
    So you stay low, and go in-cog-nito
    Time for you to lend rascals dictionary
    Get the bed cover ready, this books real scary!!

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    spittin lyrics out lyka gat at CA1
    Its trapa on da mic n im back so you beta run
    i Deserve beat on!?- you $$$$$, ur barz r wack
    hit em wida trapa attack,im so fast yer i do it like dat.hittin off da back off da backtrak,im gna backchat till i crack crack dis crack n merk dis rat
    yer'im reelin em off, 1 2 3
    T.r.a.p.a trapa- datzme

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    Jul 2005
    I didnt feel you was worth the effort
    Your 1st rhyme didnt have no method
    But you said the blocks name
    So L.M.T is out to fu*k up your game
    Oh my god here it comes, the trapa attack
    It aint no rap attack, sh*t sounds like screams from an alley cat
    Your pus$y, thats why you run from this so called rat
    You tried so hard and battled in vain
    Shame, your just another rapper slay'n

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    Aug 2005
    i drop lyrical rhymez fast like a wrx scooby
    i make stars go round ya head, make a boi go looopy
    i twist ya wigg n make ur hair luk lyk doggy dog snoopy
    blaze u lyk a blunt make a boyz eyez go whoopy
    i kno am new, but im a dappa DAN the newbie !
    u lyrical attacks dnt hurt me they go straight through me

    jus a likkle warm up :-)

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    Jul 2005
    Boy u better stop the rot before i drop the top n,
    Cop the lot coz boy am cumin for the number 1 spot n,
    WRX scooby? man wot the fu*k its you whos loopy
    Stop smokin that sh*t son u aint snoopy
    Your fresh out the gate, just a small pup
    Run back to your momma boy this battles sewed up

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    Aug 2005
    yo forget all ov dis snoopy whoopy biz-niss
    dis boi guna get bun get slewd, let boi dem be wit-niss
    i drop lyrical bomb shells like its total sickness
    man a bring more heat den the sauna in total fitness
    ya gyal a gave me head but den i noticed she total t.i.t.-less

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    dese hot bois get slewed,1 by 1
    tha way im rippin up tha riddim spittin dese syllables frum mah toungue, n
    Trapa dnt take no $$$$, i dnt play by da book, so you gna get hit ,n
    drop a lyrical, myrical bar
    lyrical, myrical, skillz ona level 2 far
    its mr t nd n im gna get far
    spitin dese merky rhymes from bar 2 bar

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    Jul 2005
    All you cats listen, your bars are gettin weak
    So i freestyle n diss you like game did bleek
    Am from C-Town C-Town murda city
    All these dudes know am street, n down right gritty
    Top shotta, di*k sucka get back in the sauna
    Total fitness gym, go meet your lover tim
    Dude u gettin fatter, dude your biggie smalls
    Now you cant get up when ever u fu*kin falls
    At the 1st hurdle I stand n wait
    You cant lift your leg, you carry to much weight
    My titless girl...yea thats your sister
    When she gave u head, did you feel the blisters?
    Dirty bit*h, she had me n my boys
    The CA1 ran a train while she was on all 4's

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    Aug 2005
    u talk abt u an ur boiz ? wot boiz ? u aint got any
    u manz get jacked for joke left widout a penny
    u jus a net boi wid all ur mates on here if any ?
    u never seen a gat and u talk like u carry menny
    u chat abt gettin gritty ?
    "c- town murder city" ? u mean "c town never hearda city"
    u run ya gumz frm ur bedroom lyk u sum lion
    i rip out ya f ...kin brains wid a fist like tysons its iron
    u need to hush ya gumz n relax ya jaw
    cos dis manchesta soulja goin on sick, goin on raw !!!!!

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    Jul 2005
    Lights camera action showtime
    Shottas from manchester boy, home of the petty crime
    Run up on old folk, rob them for there pension
    'Its hard here bre', theres so much tension'
    Internet friends what are they?
    I got homeboys i know will fight anyday
    My hood other hoods they all know me
    Your just local, i mean your just vocal
    You come here, preach your a soulja
    Dont think so son, a soulja was slim, n he got shot
    Your a cap gun killer, say that on the next rhyme you drop

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    Aug 2005
    manchesta boi dem a dark up all ya man
    bringy any 1, any man
    bring ya crew bring ya clan
    even bring flo dan
    in his transit van
    i spray up ya block like i spray up da clu-clux-clan
    we iz da tru dappa da tru 1 dan
    let of ya shotz, dats if u got gatz, and dats if u can
    lyrical boi top shotta, da lyrical dan
    iz da tru bad man
    the big heavyweight man
    reppin for gunchesta rollin up on any boi, any crew any clan !!!


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