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Thread: Mc Battle Thread.

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    how did yuh beat the fool

    Man yuh bust a gut here, Just don’t bust yah nut here/
    Like kanye ‘I heard em say’ yuh beatin kids, so dont boast ya lame lil queer/
    Only thing crucial…is yuh bein brutal to yah self son/
    Re-read yah sh*t an easy for yuh to be outdone/
    Listen yuh game is nothing but an error like i mispelled ya "lyfe"/
    Im fillin ya head with terror, my lyrics a cut above, sharp as a blade on a knife/
    Like Buckshot, people sayin ‘he back’, an il dismiss yuh from tha game like drink did wi Ma$e/
    My rhymes shred yuh, so I roll yuh up an then start to blaze/
    Im bigger, quicker, better than yuh in so many wayz, no need to praise, I just continue to amaze/
    Gangsta tear, cus yah man escobar is dead, my next bullet goin for your head/
    I wacth yuh dread to watch were yuh tread. Cus im the best thang since sliced bread/
    Only victims yuh caused are yah parents..dealin wit a lame ass $$$$$ like yu/
    I see this beatin so overdue, homie I say adieu…cus this sh*t is thru/

    Im a thug, I cut yuh up, f**k yuh up, let yuh kno wha sup/
    Yah game is weak, future bleak, don’t mess SNEAK, my rhmyes precious like antique, I got no critique about my technique, its clear I won , so like gwen say don’t speak

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    U need to start provin that uve beaten people shotta
    U certainly aint beat me, the rhymes i dropped was hotta,
    Then the sh*t u continue to say
    How many times have u used the world warz phrase?
    U aint bringin war, so ama give it to u raw
    Hit u harder then Jay-Z did Nas' baby mamma
    If u beat me id admit it, but it didnt happen
    So stop the dreamin kid, n listen to how am rappin
    This dude rico simma is new to this battle
    So ama say hello like u do in a true battle
    Your soft son dont get that twisted
    Am the real lyrically blessed child
    N i stay hot even when the weathers mild
    To cold, to sub zero degrees
    I spit these rhymes with ease, it aint breeze
    Like the sh*t uve been chattin since u 'came back'
    Go drink with Ma$e, atleast he got a 'welcome back'
    Now lets stick to the facts and not the hype
    I hit u with hard barz, but only when they ripe
    I never jump the gun, make sure i know im rhymin tight
    Let see u spit back n see what u got
    Otherwise its back to dissin this lot

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    il drop lata tonight..jus want te say--yuh betta than top shotta tooo....he claim to beat alot of people whoa re better than him

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    yo before der were 3 against me, now thers four
    but im still slewin up whack mc's like never before
    oh make it 5 wid dat gay ajay
    i'll hav u all on the walkie talkies panicking callin for may-day
    im raw, abit like ali was in his hay-day
    i clash any boi frm any manor, step to me if u wanna
    yo simma , u cant test me, boi ya dun kno
    i put a bullet in a mc's head
    kill anotha an chuk man in the dead manz shed
    kill anotha mc, take another life
    merk another mc, wid a brand new knife
    simma i make ya head go into a funny shape bit like an hexigen
    chop u up wid an axe like i was a porto rican or mexican
    if i dnt killa ya now, i'll see u in hospital, an cut of ur supply of oxygen
    laff at u dying on ur death bed, hahaha, beggin for mercy,
    u aint frm america son, so dnt goin on like u frm new york or new jersey
    u came on spittin like some wierdo, like u was some hero, my sh1ts real, i dnt act like no hollywood star robert dinero
    i be bringin more beef then the game !
    u say ur sh1ts like some antique, i agree wid u ther, cos antiques are old an rusty
    only fing old in my yard is a klashnakov, never jammed, jus abit dusty
    i only pull it out when im hungryy and blood thirsty ,
    i show no remorse when im killing, i kill dirty
    whack mc's get ambushed, to date ive killed about hundred and thirty
    u talk about raising standards with ease ? wot ease ?
    u some punk who chats breez, i swing my samarai sword at ur head at 100 degreez,
    then at ur chopped of head let the rats sniff u an bite u like ur head was there cheddar an cheese, then let ur smelly body rot in the ally way, an let of sum deadly disease,


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    cheddar is a cheese--


    an i reply tonight...rectify dis nonsense

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    CA1 whaas good homie-- jus check this top shoota battle

    Yah gannn witness the tru heat from the yarrrd…

    Breezy lil f**k runnin round all weezy
    Il pick this lil sh*t off way to easy/

    Like the Game, yah shud step out this dream, yah full of lies since I took yah self esteem/
    black star killin yah sh*t , cus like talb kweli im supreme supreme/
    Kid only talk bout guns he seen in gangta movies, or in GTA/
    Romantic notion like he a gangsta , $$$$ cum to hood my which is closa to usA , than the Uk/
    Yuh see thru wat I convey I an portray deep an meaningful sh1t like the journey of Kunta Kinte/
    My advice is to step off..cus they all say yuh gay, an dismay at yah lyrical display/
    Yuh def no challenge fe me, Yuh need protection so take my kevlar vest/
    Still watch tha f**k out cus il Ravage these bars with lead wrappin at ya chest/
    Yuh can beat me,,im hot like the vetran years of Big Daddy Kane/
    Lyrics so poweful they be poppin yah head open like a bottle of champagne/
    Yah style is old an lame…its getting tedious like the beef between 50 an the Game/
    Except the sh*t yuh write will neva get yuh public acclaim/
    My rhymes like a sniper, pickin off bars one by one/
    My Top Shot will leave a Scar on yah Face..jus to let yuh kno how its done/
    Yuh a finnished name..can only blame yah self for tha shame, claim all yah want bout yah mental frame,,cus kno yah ass burnt by a blue flame/
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    Dude, your rhymin dont hurt me
    So stop the chat n battle me
    I rhyme so viciously
    Come and take a walk with a G
    I know you'll feel me
    When the shots from the gat go bang bang bang

    You try and test me
    So i show you the best of me
    This is the track that will make me famously known
    Will pay for my throne
    So i'll sit on it for the rest of my life
    Never have to live thru no more strife
    Get my peeps off the street lets not continue the hustle
    I aint gotta be Cassidy boy
    Let him be the hustla homie
    But unlike u dude, i aint a phony
    Your nothin but a wanksta, a studio gangsta
    That pops shots from his mouth
    N not from the gun u pranksta
    Toy guns, fire bang flags from the chambers
    Got plenty more ways to die from the other 5 chambers
    1 in the head, 2 in the chest...that leaves 2 left
    So maybe i'll see if you saved 1 breath
    To battle me once more, before i show u the door
    I think this battles over for shotta's loose jaw

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    u cnt spit hahaha

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    Speak on it...coz i aint seein u doin jack sh*t

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    yo CA1 i noticed in ur last rhyme, u didnt mention my name till ur last line
    u showin some fear son ? , wot wos it, my gat in ur mouth, or was it just my last rhyme ?
    u cant shoot ur gunz at me coz i'll be fast to blast mine, im a champion blaster
    an u'll get sprayed with bullets from my tek nine, faster
    now about that fool rico,
    u said my sh1t was nonsense an that u was guna rectify ?
    but mothefker u couldnt rectify sh1t, u kno im the champ, put ur hands up an testify !!
    u both could be pregnant in labour an ur lyrics still wouldnt deliever
    i make ya both sit in the corner cuddle up an shiver
    i be attackin u with lyrics like alcahol attacks the liver
    i blaze your raps, twist back ur caps,just face the facts both ur rhymez are whack
    u cant tie ur shoe laces let alone lace a track , u cant even shoot a gat let alone spray a mak
    i be spittin wid rage as i errupt on this page,slewin u merkin u wid out askin ur age, u both chat like u big, but boi u on a minimum wage, workin 9 to 5 in open graves,
    i be dropin bad man flows wid da sickest rhymez, cos i light up mc's with violent crimes, when i combine my flows an lyrics wid my deadly skillz, i make little pu5sy clat mc's look like over due bills !!

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    yah man..thass good drop... ill reply lata --

    likle more


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    U NAA READY FOR MEE !!! why do yuh write dis....aint even right mannn

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    Shotta dat was sick, full credit 2 ya 4 dat.

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    Every dog has its day
    So its about time u found sumthing decent to say
    Decipher the sh*t uve spat recently n came up with that
    Fair play it was good, but ur sh*ts still whack
    Consistency doesnt come from just 1 decent verse
    So f*ck playin with u anymore
    Its time to call on the hurse
    6 feet wont be deep enough to bury u
    Call on 'God' n tell him ur 'In Too Deep'
    Coz God must be ready for this dude to go...
    The technique i use is different to you's
    So its hard to tell whos on the end of my slews
    I leave names till last lines
    Read back thru my rhymes, its u i dissed in them lines
    Top Shotta, i dont care, i'll shout your name
    Top Shotta, i aint afraid to say your name
    Thats why everytime i say your name
    U get worried about how am gona bad mouth your name
    But its hard being like u in this here rap game
    So once again, i'll blow u out the frame
    Your still last in this here rap battle
    Am dishin out a hard teachin'...
    Even Pastor Ma$e is out n preachin'
    Seems uve also got a fan now
    But i'll wait for Tazer to spit before i lay his as$ down
    Dont forget who your battlin...i aint just sum chump
    Am the genie of the rhymes never slump

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    Quote Originally Posted by rico88
    yah man..thass good drop... ill reply lata --

    likle more

    u get me !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazer
    Shotta dat was sick, full credit 2 ya 4 dat.
    safe man !

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    i specifilcly bombard thees two mc's cos they corrupt, so dont interrupt, as i drop lyrics on them like clusster bombs fall and errupt, spinnin my tracks in all kinds of decks, rippin out mc's heads by cuttin off there necks, slewin 2 at a time, wondering whoz next, im finaly gettin the respect i earn, ca1 u still fear me, feel me, this is the real me, i splash out my lyrics in ur eyez like acid an let them burn, i learnt respect is sumfin u dont buy, u earn ! i shoot lyrics at u, so many in a minute, when i start to spit thers no limit, u picked the wrong time to clash me, cos now im at my peak, like tyson wid his physique , i see u talked abt my style an technique, yeh its different, like pac an biggy my style is unique,dats why at times i ask my self why im battling a freak, cos u jus be gettin beat, i drill barz at u 7 dayz a week, my lyrics come attackin u make ur legs wobbly an weak, for u the future aint orange cos it looks bleak, u now wana avoid me an clash tazer, cos my sh1t was sharp an my lyrics came at u like a razor, my lyrics blind mc's cos they brighter then lazer, im a genuis im an amaze-er, u can even bring ur gyal, to clash cos i'll just blaze her, let her smell my bud an dat will be enough to daze her, i bring raw beef, thats the only thing id serve if i was a waiter, they say money is power an if thats the case im powerfull cos im a 6 figure money maker, i slew any mc, any hater, unlike rico i spit on the spot instaed of saying i'll spit later , i take mc's out wid force jus like the terminator !!
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    ok yah wrote a lot.but yuh hyped like twista on a high from caffeine/
    sh1t yuh sayin is obscene,so im here to sink yuh like a submarine/
    picked a new style...try not to stick wit it..yah lyrics don’t vary/
    cant beat me when Im gassed…I leave yuh dead like the canary/
    short, precise..mixed all thangs nice..rhymes aw bigger than ass on mariah carey/
    kid don’t name the only two rapper yah kno/.
    dont be claimin yuh an pac have a similar flow/
    only time yuh cud beats if yuh being tricked like ona show like punk’d/
    an the only thing wobbyl is yuh afta yah on yuh an humped/
    like terminator 3..yah rhymes dissapoint and ends as a flop/
    yuh pay the cost for me to be boss,,as I dropp yah..while im hot/
    yuh aint blazin ,the only thangs yah smoked is a nutha man $$$$/
    yuh the only person who wanna take up yayo an ‘f^ck D-block’
    money yah earn..jus from pimpin yahself an yah momma..wher yah dad jus takes his turn/
    yuh got no f^ck watcha think about yah ability as a concern/
    like ludacris im here to take the number one spot/
    except I aint headin to the red lights cus that’s yah plot/
    like busta..every time I rhyme I make yuh clap/
    cus kno one takes yuh seriously when yuh still wearing baby gap/
    Unlike rkelly..yuh stepped out the closet. as it aint no trap/
    Yah rhymes so wack..yuh sit on yah momma she give yah ass a slap/
    An shut yah mouth…my ass is for me..not for yuh to kiss it/
    What I write is explicit..what yuh do is sexually illicit/
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    CA1 tries to make sounds like M.I.A, but he just makes noise
    Wen da fa*got isnt here hes in da flirt room talkin to boys
    Ur lryrics are worn out more than a hendrix plec
    U wont be so $$$$y if I run up on ya wit a tec
    U limp home scream for mummy no reply give all rooms a check
    Shes inda livin room chokin cos ders a rope round her neck
    Dis is HOOD life pu*sy, it aint a gory horror story
    Dis is north dublin violence in all its glory
    So dont try 2 act gangsta or u'll jus bore me
    U dunno sh1t pu*sy bi1ch, ur livin crisp n' Hunky dory
    Yer like a 6th toe or a sheep ye folla rico like he got u ona colla
    CA1 thinks he's a ladies man cos his ma and his gramms holla
    U better start runnin cos wen i come i'll be gunnin
    Shootin pu**ies for fun over nuthin, end of discussion
    Dont like me? Bite me, instead have a knuckle sandwich
    Ur like souness cos rap is sumthin dat u can barely manage-
    to-drop, stop thinkin ur hot, cos ur not, get my glock, let it pop
    No more CA1, hes in a hearse because he got shot
    Dis snitch is tryin 2 sting me and he wont stop
    so ima " 187 on dis undercover cop"
    Stop actin hard, cos all im seein is a floppy di*k
    Im sick of readin rhymes typed by som sloppy pri*k
    2 on 2 now Shotta we can take 1 each
    CA1 a mothafu**in joke,Taze's a figure of speech!!

    Say sumptin now, pu**y!!!!!!

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    Dou yiz wanna start a new thread, Me and top shotta vs you and rico88???

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