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Thread: Mc Battle Thread.

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    6 jam jars? wtf u chattin on boi,ur rhymes r dead
    bin smokin 2 much weed,hitin that bong, itz all gne 2 ya hed
    u bring 6 cars, i bring six more, six more datz 18, u wnt more?
    u herd in mars im herd in pluto, in itz all gd, trapa-galore
    traparama, everyone's goin insane i aint bin calma
    so droppin dis 6 is jst tha start,coz i spit lyka a llama

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    Aug 2005
    not 6 jam jars, boi now u guna get hit wid 6 metal barz
    im a fighter, i was on the brink ov declaring 6 world warz
    took out ya gyal an got head frm her in 6 different barz
    i butcher a boi like u an let u die slow for 6 long dayz
    chop u up wid a samarai sword in 6 different wayz
    i slew u, i merk u,i batter u ,mash u bun u jus lyk DATTA PURPLE HAZE


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    Right mc battlists - lets commence

    This time you aint gonna battle jack
    cos mc delight has come back - spittin my bars in lyrical combat
    im leavin ya $$$$ lukin wack
    yeah - u wack mc battle contender - you should surrender
    cos ima kick ya ass like the power ranger- dont ya remember
    the one that keeps it military - make ya lose yar ability
    so ya look ridiculous- aint it obvious
    so before ya go an embarass ya serlf- get in gud health
    an put away da lyrical stealth
    you words are laughable - an that aint missable - jus dissable
    haha!! is that why your not likable- yeah you an your crew
    well im glad i got that one-....through!!....too!!!!...phew!!
    cos ya words are like mixed up stew - ya jus dont have a clue
    an yes its true - the reason why everyone else new
    that on here i was always better you
    well thats enough - im fed up of lukin tuff
    so lets get down wit your stuff

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    whos dat whos dat boi in ur hood
    yes its me brinin wat you shud
    im not brinin beef im brinin lyrical good
    ill be in areas cruising cause i cud
    da last few bars was kinda sh!t
    im onli tirteen am i supossed 2 b brinin big hits

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    Quote Originally Posted by delight_21
    You call your selves mc battlist, but i dont even feel dissed
    so theres some more points youve just missed
    common mcs, comin on here i atleast expect a challenge
    your words aint even stinge,
    an aint that what its supposed to be all about -
    so i think i won the first and final bout
    you go on about mixin milk in a tall glass
    to be honest id rather pass
    cos id wanna mix my tune an takeover your trash
    cos this is also about the lyrical fash
    an all you do it is go an get your lyrical stash

    boooooooo u suck

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    u top-shotta wana beeeee
    u tryna beee sum 1 u'l neva beee
    i got more rhymez then drugz in a pharmacy
    i smoke a boi like hash an drink a boi lyk henesey
    diss u verbaly smoke u herbaly
    i buss stlye wid ma prada an gucci an u still buss burberry
    top shotta goin on like hes HUNGAREEE

    Last edited by TOP_SHOTTA; 17-08-2005 at 10:05 PM.

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    Hennessey is a drink not a drug...dumb ass punk

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    smoke a boi like hennesy---- wtf? you can smoke hennessy? lol

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    haha love how uve changed the post...pathetic

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    CA1 sup kid ? u lost ur rhymin book ? or jus ran outta lyrics ? or u shy to put dat fake american slang on ? if u wana battle lets battle and get votes on it to see whoz betta, yeh ?

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    Ive got no need to continue to battle in this, its a free for all every1 spittin at every1...if u wanna call me out go ahead

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    i dunnit fer u bruv

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    o.k less of the arguments, lets make some ammendments
    this is for battling back, not a chit chat
    it really does look like, this time
    yas really cant put out a rhyme
    so i suppose yer - here is the sign
    that the best of em all, were always mine
    but yet, u still might have a chance, to make me look pance
    well yall be hopin, but how u gonna be copin?
    cos i aint stoppin this hip hoppin
    my lyrics are droppin, makin yours sloppin
    top_shotta thinks hes hotta
    nows the right time for ya to admit
    that the lyrics i spit, are better than your $$$$
    mc delight givin ya just a little bit
    is more than enough 4 ya to handle
    top_shotta ya cant dismantle
    call me the incredible- lyrically inventibal
    always gonna be you all
    with this creation, i put ya in nothin but complication
    yeah, this is how we do in my nation
    so battle back as soon as possible
    nah, thats impossible!!
    unless ya bring the rest of ya crew...
    so till thats all am a do


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    arite guys, the battle i just posted was mena say beat you all near the bottom...

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    yer orite den bruv...

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    CA1 dats one, trapa dats 2, an now delight dats 3
    i got 3 body bagz got 3 bulletz, and 1 balaklava
    guna slew dem boi like a hot volcano erupting wid lava
    dis sh1t aint no arcade games u been playin by java
    chop u boi up n run ma axe through ya body hard
    dish out ya body parts to rats an cats den straight to the grave yard
    am slewin u and now da modarators chat of gettin be barred
    cos no 1 gon dis sick before on here, but dis is life down my yard
    u cant run u cant hide, i even got an extra bullet for ya body guard !!!!


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    so we now the first 3, can mc like a g
    but whos number 4
    must be u cos we dont now what u on here for
    your words cant hurt me there just a bore
    so u either give up or fix up
    i aint got time 4 u anyway thats whats up!!

    1,2,3,4 which mc's am i goin for?
    5,6,7,8, come for me till its to late!
    9,10 im waitin with my notepad an pen

    1,2,3,4, im always ready thats for shore
    5,6,7,8 an your about to witness what i can create
    9,10 mc delights comin at ya once again

    this time with somthin different
    stand at ease and listen to the sargeant
    boy, your about to get played
    your battle's about to get a degrade
    an mc delight, about to get made
    so here comes the upgrade
    put me in the final and spin me on your vinal
    my words are so advance
    when ya gonna realise? you aint got a chance

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    Yo!! Yo!! Mc delight is comin through
    An der really is nothin you can do
    to stop the way im gonna mirk you
    Yo, I rite these walkin up the most steepest hill
    An still....I got much much more skill - rappin da most ill
    I can rap that fast just like a trilanzula
    ill turn ya into a hip hop dancer
    somebody..tell dis guy hes a mc wanabee
    but when he battles he aint got an answer
    makin u luk like yar jus dropped outta skool
    haha no more lookin cool u stupid fool
    you gotta take up more mc lessons
    but dis will take ya years of doin sessions
    if ya ever wanna get to my level
    of puttin togetha a hip hop instrumental
    den im tellin ya - u got a lot of improvin,
    a lot of schoolin, if ya wanna get boys groovin
    to a style dat ya choosin, but i have to say luks like ur losin
    MC Delight da number 1 fan
    MC Delight got with da programme
    So battle me proberlby like ur a man
    not sure if u can but i know ull get bood
    rappin like some kind of hoob
    you should be presented on nickalodeon
    cos MTV dont want no trojan
    mc'in with the rest of your squadron
    oops, did i forget to mention...ya aint even got a fashion

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    oh mi days ive done it agen
    ive landed mi self in a bad man ends
    im $$$$ to speak witout a run away bens
    ill shank all ur boys bfor dey say dere amenz

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