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Thread: Mc Battle Thread.

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    im not a wannabe rascal but ill rip out ur metatarsel n leave you dizzy/
    CA1 spends all of his time keystyling cos' his booking schedule aint busy/
    ill lend you my rhyme book itll still take all you got to drop it likes its hot/
    you claim ur hood but thats no good if your as hard a shemales $$$$/
    oops i forgot - thats a touchy subject, youve endured alot of pain/
    you couldnt beat me if you were a supercharged sumo wrestler on weight gain-/

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    2 b a TOP shotta u gta, play da game
    if u were a top shotta u wuldnt have it as ya name, bruv
    i fink YOU need to hush ya gumz n relax ya jaw
    manchester soljah!?please ur not raw
    beef, bring it nyday coz ur air on da rds
    click dat {X} coz ur air on da rds
    gunchester= air on da rds
    all o' you man der air on da rds

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    Jul 2005
    Im not sure how rippin out my toes will leave me dizzy?
    Maybe this kids got his anatomy dizzy?
    A real killah knows where to hit n make it hurt
    Unlike your rhymes man they get left in the dirt
    Your gettin your books mixed up kid
    Dont you know them nursery rhymes you read will get you hit?
    How busy is your schedule anyway dude?
    Obviously not busy enough to provide food, for
    Your slim anorexic malnutrioned diet coke drinkin ass
    Man fu*k this dude your in the fu*kin past

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    Aug 2005
    mctrapa first fingz first since when was i ya bruv
    dnt chat breez cos i aint here for brotherley luv
    mc trapa wher is ya manor ?
    mc trapa we bring style ina gucci prada ana dolce & gabana
    come test me if u can !! dats if if u wana
    eat up man dem like a chicken donner
    get out da zoot n let me sparkk it
    get outa ma evo 9 let me park it
    pic up da M.I.C and top shotta jus DARK IT !


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    Na You Boys Are Weak,i Aint Even Chatting,cause You Lot Are $$$$.

    Ca1 Half Your Lyrics You Steal,don't Go On Like U Dont,every Now And Agian You Pull Out Someone Elses Line. Your Swag,proper Dry.

    Top Shotta You Are The $$$$test Out Of All Of Them,you Are Just Weak,'eat Man Dem Like A Chicken Donner' Wack Bruv,you Must Have Just Started Writing,infact If Any Of You Lot Try Come Back And Say Your Good, Your Lying To Your Selves.

    All Of You Are Wack

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    Jul 2005
    PipeItUp, take your own advice ZipItUp
    Otherwise it'll be black bag zipped up in the coroners eyes
    Where in my rhymes have i ripped someone elses work?
    If i did am sure i said so, so its time to merk, you
    Here it goes, something like this
    PipeItUp the dude thats sucks pis$
    From a tramps di*k, aint got no money you broke as a joke
    So your sell your as$ to a dude for coke
    The dopeman owns you, your his little bit*h
    Hits you so hard n leaves you with the 7 year itch
    What is weak?
    Weak is when you diss me n that cat top
    No doubt we'll both come back n bury your ass, hot
    Rhymes that burn your ears n brain
    Even that cat could take you out the game
    No as$ kissin here tho, i should merk him to none stop
    But he didnt say my name in the last rhyme that he dropped
    So for next time maybe we'll meet again
    Then i'll show you whos on top of this MC beat'n

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    haha shut up you sad $$$$$
    your one of them bOys that just gets robbed all the time,and you come on here to write your $$$$ raps,hoping someone will rate you,but no one is YOU $$$$HEAD,in fact i came to get a reaction and i got one.

    go work on your weak lines. stop using american slang as well , cause you aint american and this is UK MUSIC FOOL.

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    lol- hess merrrkin n he aint even wrytin bars ,

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    Jul 2005
    Yea because he cant think of anything decent to say, your as$ has bin buried muthaphukka

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    lol i think he shld write sum bars..whus a$s bin buried? me?

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    Jul 2005
    No PipeItUp

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    lol wel yeah mayb he shld spit den

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    whoz dis newbie pipe it up ?
    i slaughter the mofo in 6 barz n wipe him up
    reach for my four-five an snipe him up
    he cant even spit a bar, i jus hype it up
    i dnt even fink ov ma lines, i jus type it up
    bun him lyk a spliff n jus light him up


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    yeah yeah im back n im reppin tha south o' surrey
    back onda mic spittin it raw, i aint leavin in a hurry
    i let u spark ya zoot coz i alrde smoked myn
    1 step ahead,yeah im always on time
    2 deliva
    dese hard hittin, splittin rhymes
    rippin tha riddim apart from line 2 line

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    Aug 2005
    yo i clash any man frm any county,
    be it durham or be it surrey
    lyrical bombshells drop in a flurry
    i rep greater manchesta including bolton, oldham an bury
    i spice up ma chats like a vindaloo curry
    6 barz hot lyk vindaloo get dropped in a hurry !!!!!! me garnnnnn


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    nything i b rede, we droppin 6 bars now
    i droppin heat ryt now, you bout 2 throw in tha towel.
    b4 you get K.O, by my heat ryt now
    i droppin barz ona regz, ona regz i drop bars
    with barz like urz,in mah manor u get scarred
    get popped, twatted, narr u wuldnt last far

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    i neva say no bcuz i always say yes
    im a b-boy reppin londons west
    i dont do 5 second countdowns, i attack instantly
    i gun down ur blocks and attack massively
    im infamos in london for takin peoples lives
    watch 467 on ur sky in a few years wit me n my seven wives

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    whos dis boi the general hes gna merked,hes gna get hurt
    if, e plays wid da big bois on dis open mic
    trapa's trappin him up in a surprise arrive
    oooooo cat get slewed
    get bun ,get merked- cut in 2
    the general hes now old ,not new
    man didnt kno wat he was gettin himself in2

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    yes its all abt my 6 big bars
    drop dem n give u 6 big scarz
    cut up ya head with glass frm 6 jam jarz
    then i drive ova ya head in 6 big carz
    take u out first then then take out ya sparz
    lyrical shotta drop lyrics here but they get heard by NASA in marz !!


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    dat 1 was for trapa, noW dis 1 for da genral !!

    i kno u a ba-tee boi, i kno u a thief
    i kno u play wid john an i kno u play wid kieth
    u can be da general, or u can be the chief
    but dnt be bringin drama dnt be bringin beef
    cos top shotta dem snap up a boiz jaw, an snap up a boiz teef


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