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Thread: Bronz from chancers gets signed

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    Bronz from chancers gets signed

    Has anyone heard this? I've seen on a couple of sites that bronz the rapper from chancers got signed in ny and is supposed to be dropping an album with some big names...does an1 no if its true and who to?

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    oh my daze don't know if its tru but if it is den raa my manz half way dere...good luck to him cos i could see he was hungry for it

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    actually i've just got confirmation from ny that this is true he has been signed as a duo Bronz n Blak and their first single has just been recorded in ny with styles p dont know exact details but they seem to have got an international imprint deal they have also recorded a mixtape with DJ Kurupt (not sure if it will be released out here) but if i get a hold of it will post the link.

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    Bronz n Blak Feat Styles P

    go to http://www.realest$$$$$ and to new tracks to get
    [in the ghetto..bronz feat.. styles P] it's hot.... good site to you should join hit me up peace

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    He is ok but he aint dat sick lines are pretty basic actualy.

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