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Thread: mc's 2-4 bar follow?

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    Jul 2005

    mc's 2-4 bar follow?

    gimme a challenge nd win my respect

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    Jul 2005
    k il strt dis listen ....

    blad wen u step in2 dis mc
    u jus asked 4 a clash wiv a real g
    blad only com in here if u got sum flo
    cz wen u mc wiv husky it gna b a show
    blad im comin afta u,sept u dnt no
    coz me n my bre r keepin it on da low
    unless u got a gd return boi u shud shut up
    i even saw ur gf lst nite she was doin line-ups

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    Feb 2005
    husky boi i dont care if u dont respect mi//
    i aint gona beg respect from a swag MC//
    neway its all bless its all cool u see//
    coz wiv crap bars like dat u get no respect from me//
    lyk graham norton u like suckin bare $$$$s, u aint in2 chicks//
    u got 5 posts i suggest u dont reply n make it six//
    ur against a pro, ur talent must grow, improve ur flow//
    n ur rhymes// next time u write bars put in sum punchlines//

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    Mar 2005
    husky lets go! lets see if u could do betta den against sharpie

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    Jul 2005
    sharpie ur cummin in2 my zone 2 battle me

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    Jul 2005
    u shuda frt b4 u stepped 2 husky
    i dnt even no u but i no u aint nuttin on me
    my flos so hot u can here me buzzin like a bee
    im surprised u can read can u see (wa**a!)
    wtchn me spittin my lyrics in2 ur face
    i win evry mc i enter its like a race
    i murk all manz n a regular base
    incase u avent realised u come in lst place

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    Jul 2005
    killah d,brv y u wna c me
    y am i even boverin with u i mite aswelll crak open a beer
    u need ur own life and i'l tell u, u shudnt interfere
    u like 2 fink ur bad init bringin ur beef
    ima knok u out nd show u ur teeth
    nd jus cos im hlf blak i dnt need ur moeny,aint no thief
    il jus mees ya flo,blo,r u gna win dis mc,no i reli dnt fink so
    jus allow u,u fink ur da dogs bo**ox well kiss ma shoe!

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    "last place", boi im in pole postition
    any race i enter i come out winnin
    any of ur lyricis boi im binnin
    no ideas for bars at ur lyrics im grinnin
    start of my words so ur ends beginning
    smash ur face in wit my pinkie ring blingin
    boi i mc i aint singin
    close ur mouth, jus listen
    ears up boi im lyrically christened

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    lyricaly blessed, handling a mic/
    u jus lucky u herd my bark not bite//
    can only get worse dig ur own grave/
    no time for pu*sies eliminete the brave//
    need a whole nu word for how i behave/
    crazy bad boi mc wit a lyrical crave/
    one finger up substitute a wave//
    bone nicker bast*rd ur death i mite jus delay/
    only so u can hear me merk u 3 ways//
    oh no boi its the end of ur days!/

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    Jul 2005
    stun u cummin in2 my forun tryin 2 run things
    wel u can step ut and suk ma ding a ling ling
    ur lyrics always sound like slim shadys
    wel ur lyrics dnt sound like his dey sound like a ladies
    u tellin me how u tryna stir up sh*t
    wel i can see dat u afraid of beef u always use dat trik
    cos u nuttin but a pus*y
    jus like ur mums but hers more juicy
    bt bois u shdnt hav a go
    cos trus me no i no where he got his flo
    she cant even tuch her own toes
    see i dnt jus mc i got jokes

    brv u shdnt off strted diss tension, cos il mke u feel so old ul wna at pension u wasteman

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    later bois ima spit 2moz

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    im the best//
    u cant test//
    u need a bolitpruuf vest//
    cosi will murk//
    and ull get hurt//


    ......omg... u thaught i was serious, its taking the pizzle ...(complete with spelling mistakes)

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    Feb 2005
    lol minor tho...

  14. #14

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    Feb 2005
    u aint winnin dis race so get real hus-ky//
    im a roadrunner, ur slow, so a snail u mus-be//
    u aint merkin mi wiv dem wack bars u brung//
    u mite buzz like a bee but uve jus bin stung//
    i gota propa safe gyal all u got is a ho, a sket//
    fix up u aint spittin in my face dis is the internet//
    u'll get blazed coz ur against da veteran Sharpie//
    n i cum wiv knockout punchlines like ali//

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    A 'Boi' named 'Husky', MAN-YOU-MUST-BE-'HAIRY'//
    And lookin at ur 'avatar' - DAMN,-HUSKY-'SCARY'//
    By reading this verse you gon' SHlT-IN-YA-BED//
    And wat the fuk made you think...

    ..................I want YOUR-RESPECT//

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    Jul 2005
    das cool u both ill mc's i admit

  18. #18 Silver Member
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    Jun 2005
    Hmm .. Kk

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    Jul 2005
    'huskys' usually 'on top' cos hes got a fetish-for-fat-chicks
    yuh getting-attacked-with .. rhymes that are gracing-perfection
    you better pray-for-exemption, cos yuh just getting-abused
    start accepting-its-true .. my skills are next-to-none
    and your attempts at wordplay are less successful ..

    .. then yuh mums contreception-'son'

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    husky wat the fu*ks up wit that, hand it to me
    not ur fu*kin $$$$ im tkin bout da mic u unskilled mc
    boi im feelin nasty, im feelin rather ill
    im to sik to b real bust out lines with skill
    it must be talent u cravin
    get inside u nd make ur rib cage cave in
    i herd that u bin runnin ur mouth rantin nd ravin
    i give a more than real performance
    this is for the mc's that r fake u know, the deformed ones
    i hav to kik u to realise that ive jus won son

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