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Thread: mc's 2-4 bar follow?

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    Jan 2012
    you any good?

  2. #162 Bronze Member
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    May 2012
    next day function
    high class luncheon
    food is served
    and everyone's munchin

    yo listern up stranger
    im'a power ranger
    i send you asleep
    away in a manger
    $$$$ wiv me ur in serious danger

  3. #163 Bronze Member
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    May 2012
    all you man r foolz i clash any1

  4. #164 Bronze Member
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    Aug 2012
    i got a challenge spit it out then lets c how high ucan set the bar

  5. #165 Bronze Member
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    Aug 2012
    test me find

  6. #166 Bronze Member
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    Aug 2012
    u lot r straight up weak got bars sendin me to sleep

    i got em to send ya into next week,

    thinkin u spit like a bad man

    well i got a plan straight of the top my head

    smooth like butter on bread

    im gana leave u boys brain dead

    have u dazed in the blood shed with ya eyes glazed an red

    nuf said!!!
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    Aug 2012
    ur all $$$$!!!!!!!!! was gana play the game but serios this aint a bar ur just all realy $$$$ i aint gana waste my time

  8. #168
    Don't talk to me brave or get a resort in a grave /
    No gasoline in the club but I'm torching a Rave //
    f.uck bars, I'll unload a portion of flames /
    ignite your gas, teach you bout scorching a page//

    Freestyle is an excuse, you used to escape /
    What you wrote down cos it was doo doo encased //
    here's some truth for you mate, I'm the proof of a great /
    lyricist, you would have thought it was skills that i ate//

    Which explains why your bars are soft and fake /
    You are what you eat must be aa tranny's p.ussy i take //
    You look human, but got the thoughts of an ape /
    So only thing you can throw is sh!t in a rage//

    c.ock sucker, i come on the thread but you struggle to spray /
    Spitting. That's something that he can't relate //
    Check his reply, he's vex but don't have sh!t to say /
    My first four lines blew his whole verse away //
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