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Thread: mc's 2-4 bar follow?

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    Vintage bak and im reppin ma endz
    am a movin man wiv a sik new trenze
    none of ya barz cart contend
    ya cart murk me so dont pretend
    if ya got beef then deal wiv ma man
    get away stupid little afghan
    i no ya mam she called susan
    she rang me like i wa batman

  2. #82 Bronze Member ace0121's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    people mistake u for batman cus u wear tights
    tryna b a heroe and get into fights
    jus like now u try and save the day
    buh then u jus get slewed u stupid gay
    ur bars are old jus like you
    cumin on here wats the point wat can u do
    cum on here with ur sh*t bars and try and act cool
    buh what u realy are is jus a fukd up fool

  3. #83 Bronze Member
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    Dec 2009
    A Yo Ima A Sickk Mc That Rhymes And Spits E's&C's Isit Cuz Im Portuguesse Bludd I Aint No Thief My Swaggas $$$$in Insane Just Like Chicken Cow Main Bruv Isit True You Turned Gay Cuz You Really Cant Wordplay Bulletproof Vest Aint Gonna Help Cuz U Just Lost Your Rhyming Test.Bludd You Think Your Bad? Well Come See Me Cuz Im Almost A Dad,Im Down For Some Beef And Sure Down For A Fight. Your Dads A Twat He Shoots Blanks And He Aint Got Balls To Have A Wank!Bludd Come To My Ends You Will Come Out With Scares You'l Get Punched To Venus Or Marz People Mistake Yuu For Batman Cuz Your Ugly And A Fat Man Cuz You Come Backk And Try And Save The Day You Get Batterd You Stupid Gayy. To Be Honest I Dont Stand Still Cuz Im A Rock'n'Rola Im Sweet As A Bottle Of Coca Cola I Make More Twists And Turns Than A RollaCoasterr I Spit Like A $$$$in Novaa But To Be Honest Im Nuffink But A Stupid $$$$ Over My Swaggas $$$$in Insane Compared To Your Im Propa Rappin Mc Cuz You Dont Find Many Of Me Cuz Im RARE!

    Took Me ABout An Hour To Do It So Hopee Its Good 4 First Time

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    Dec 2009

    BLAS Fast Flo

    i wasnt in tha mood ta read every single line/
    but im in tha mood ta bust every single line plus rip ya spine
    centerpoint falls victim then tha foundation Must Fall
    lyrical devastation in effect?/im one you Must Call
    if i dont know u/keep ya distance/cuz i dont Trust All
    fast feet BLAS de-feats/an stepz on krewz like Dust Ballz

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    Aug 2009
    S.H.I.T now wheres all the real emcee's i go away come back and all i see is $$$$$'s
    Bailey-gee thinks he killed it with 8-bars he's still still trying to understand my punches
    Im like Al cos ya all bout to meet my little friend lets just hope ya can swim
    Cause im sicker than a nightclub toilet ona saturday night i will always win

  6. #86 Bronze Member lyrical_g's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    just something i thought of real quick

    try start on me and ur gunna die,
    ill roll up in ur house like fbi,
    ill find ur sister and pop her cherry pie,
    u see, i aint no ordinary guy i got twelve inch $$$$ so i aint shy,
    ye ill come straight to ur door do u wanna murk now? or arnt u sure,
    3 or 4 of my barz leave u dead on the floor
    after im finished u wont wanna mc no more

  7. #87 Bronze Member lyrical_g's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    ill skillz stop acting like a G,
    $$$$$ i am the only real mc,
    u mite kill them but u cant kill me,
    try rytin gud bars thts the key,
    ok now lisn
    its ur girl u gunna be missin
    cos while u ryt bars its ur girl im kissin

  8. #88 Silver Member Hoodzy's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Lyrical G, Fall back, your girls still got her Hymen,
    Stop fronting like you get girls, we prefer Fly men,
    Open your holy book, put your hands together Again,
    "Hoodzy, i beg thee, dont merk me," Amen.

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    ha...i dnt no why yur name iz lyrical
    cuz u aint spit lyricz..for u itz sinicall
    tha 1st to second linez waz petERFOR
    if i waz to make my own wordz..i kall sh!terfor

  10. #90 Bronze Member lyrical_g's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    my names lyrical cos im the lyrical avenger,
    im the number 1 contender,
    u see, ur not a bad boy blud ur a bender,
    im a lyracist tht will end ya

  11. #91 Silver Member Hoodzy's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Lyrical G, hepititis B,
    not any disease, your an STD,
    found out the disease got passed from your dad,
    The father that you thought you never even had.

  12. #92 Bronze Member lyrical_g's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    hoodzy, i beg thee, dont merk me,
    i dint know u thought u was hard wen u mc,
    u cant test my bars cos unlike urs myn arnt free,
    now ur sayin i got an std?
    stop chattin blud cos rly ur the 1 wiv HIV
    u must av been sticking it up too much mens $$$$$

  13. #93 Silver Member Hoodzy's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Soundwaves, make your skull shake, 'cus i'm hard,
    8 megajules earthquake, 'cus i'm hard,
    Words fire like a mac 10, 'cus i'm hard,
    You drop to the floor, suspend, 'cus i'm hard.

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    lyrical ya mama lookz like a monkey
    n her t-i-t-i-s looks like a 2 face donkey
    she layz n4ked in dah bed...sayen plz can u S-PUNK me
    if u waz on dah radio....damn i woulda changed it funky

    whtz wit tha picture lyrical....

  15. #95 Bronze Member lyrical_g's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    ok, enough of the mama jokes,
    uve never seen her t-i-t-i-s cos u prefer blokes,
    show us ur face and ill burst into laughter,
    face it u wont merk me now, or ever afta

    this pic any betta?

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    naw u wished yur head wasent TORN
    good ting u changed..ur picture..cuz u been looken at P0rn
    yo mama said it was a mistake u wasent ment 2 be born
    man when u be spitten yu make me yawn

    yeh dah picz ok

  17. #97 Bronze Member lyrical_g's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    lyrical vs hoodzy, get ya bets in,
    u can put money on me, or the lad thats child molestin,
    reading my bars, i bet ur hesatatin,
    because lyrical vs hoodzy, its me people are electin

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    look.... HE Iz...ownin u HOODZY
    HEZ maken u look like a P-U-S-S-Y
    he even bet money..on it..hez make u look like a WUS-S-Y

  19. #99 Bronze Member lyrical_g's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    merking 2 people is actually pretty eazy,
    specially wen both the people are a bit sleazy,
    u still working at mcdonalds for low pay gettin ur hands greazy,
    thats y instead girls coming to u they come to me

    look im not black, 18 or racist,
    but wen it comes too merking people, i can merk all people of all races,ages and faces,
    it doesnt even matter who they are
    they will still get merked from 1 bar
    Last edited by lyrical_g; 19-02-2010 at 08:24 PM.

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    look i might be workin at mcdz atleast am getten paid,
    i squeeze yo mamaz T-T-IYZ like it was juicey l-l-lemon/ade,
    U HAVE BEEN hangin round deh streetz waiten foe a house raid,

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