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Thread: mc's 2-4 bar follow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Du3blez
    your sayin i sound like a nursery rhyme
    you chat bare $$$$ like new yorks times
    you can never kill it i giv out tha thrills
    im neva be murked by some lil gurl
    dont chat like you finished it cuz its never started
    your lingerin round as if my mothers farted
    ya rhymez are retarded you no that ya lame
    stop with tha rhymin & jus quit tha game

    your mentionin im a girl what does that matter
    i'm sicka hearin all your bull $$$$ chatter
    look at dis boy finkin he's climbin a ladder
    your like glass boy yah easy to shatter
    i've seen your type before ya nothin but swagger
    i've kept my cool but your gettin madder
    oh dear i fink he's throwin a $$$$$ fit
    your talkin out ya ass i can smell the $$$$
    take your lines an go get em re-writ
    learn yourself a lesson thers a chair there sit
    listen to me i'm like a lyrical text book
    your just a wasteman blud an i'll have you shook
    you finger ya nan cz yah cant get a $$$$
    you wanna carry on i suggest you give up

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    wagonee G's

    look like you two know how to spitt
    but im new to he game andd my bar's are S**T
    im looking for a name , so replyy too mee
    because i wana make it big andd be a topp MC .

    basicly look'inn for a MC nameee
    someing likeee Kronik Kiid or .... give us a shout

    thanks , Dylann x

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    Dub3Lez youu not replyinn now ? was a good run thoo bless.x

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    1st off you’re not on no show ting

    That small u can roll in on a low wind

    So boy better watch when I put all what I’ve known in

    From the Clouds surrounding the ground I have flown in

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    u clash me g and i show u how to mc i am mc king

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    flamezboii-turn off the computer boy. say your names flamez man you bout as hot ice cream and you claim your king who are you elvis. you aint no G.
    yo check.
    flamez trying to dress your ass in the latest threads, motherfuc*er you wearing fake Reeboks and Donnay treads./ man you just a cheap skate, couldent even pay for class if it was throw on a plate./ man, i got to much money, even money up my rear coz what i earn in a day is what you earn in a year./ you take fashion statements from Elvis, man you aint no king, your a 3rd class dic* head and ya cant sing.
    homie you aint no G, your bout as real as a fake 50p ./ dont get it twisted like a rubix cube, homie your colourblind yet ill still leave a rainbow over you./ like i said man you aint no G, you just roll sh*t up, man you dont smoke weed.

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    there's an obsession with battling, and i don't understand
    why you all have to diss just to prove you're a man,
    if you dedicated time out to go better your flow,
    they'll be screaming you name out from the front row
    but you don't cos your ignorant, you think hip-hops all about violence
    you should realise its not, man its all about science
    so listen up young un, take advice from an expert
    when you chattin this sh'it, don't gain respect, you just get hurt
    living in 8 mile, seems young cats think that's what rappings about,
    go look at the oldschool if you wanna gain clout
    check out KRS, go check afrika bambaataa
    i'll school you like your father, your careers a non-starter
    take it from me, I'm not an MC, I'm a poet
    and I'm guessing by now that you probably know it
    check out my old posts, take advice from the master
    cos learning from me brings enlightenment faster


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    yo stun g14 ya fink tht ya bad
    cum 2 my yard n ill shank up ya dad
    shank in his nee kap shank in his back
    my bars r big n ya bars r wak
    n in 2 da pouch n in 2 ya jaw
    ill blow off ya head like da 2nd world war
    u r a midget n im very tall
    but ya girl ums bak 4 more n more
    cuz im out every day n im out every night
    im down 4 da beef im down down 4 da fight
    shank in ya eyeee take away ur sight
    my bars r big n they wwill take flight
    cuz a man like u wont give me a chance
    cuz u roll wiff hammers, knives n shanks
    but ya dads a $$$$$ boy he shoot blanks
    n he ant get a $$$$ thts y he wanks

    16 barz ryte there stun

    any cum baks

    u aint got nun

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    nice barz bruv

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    wot tha uckf was that slaughter that sound like some kiddie sh!t
    u tryna knock down tha building blocks at preschool cause u aint winning sh!t
    get out ur pencil and try ta shank tha littler kids
    u maybe tall but ur minds miniscual, go give him tha ridilin
    he just wants some attention, poor fellow no one is feelin him
    tha teacher gon give him detention and no one wants to be near to him
    so go and take a nap, have a rest from ur little rap
    or woteva u call that, thing u was doing it was crap
    u was probly watching TV or playing grand theft auto
    it isnt real so make a note, u dont live in tha fu*kin ghetto
    ur a clown like tha circus, u need to re-wire ur circuits
    play a beat an think how do i work this, instead of not thinking bout verses
    that could snap back in ur face simply because u deserve it
    just be like lil wayne and turn gay just like kanye
    go make songs for girls or sumthing, hey atlest those people pay
    just dont rap about shanks and sh!t cause its worse to be fake

    so keep in mind, keep it real, muthafu*k@

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    boi's on here u all look stupid
    ill put somin sharp in ya heart like cupid
    ur spittin bars on the $$$$in internet
    if i ever meet u i will snap ya neck
    if we was on a ship id kick u off the deck
    u all fink ur good WAT THE HECK ?

    I made this up in liek a minute lol

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    u made that in a minute, il make this in 1,2,3
    4,5,6 seconds and tha people can see
    im giving erections to all them little emcees
    that spittin out little puddles its pittiful to me
    i rip writtens by tha buddles and sh!t on them geeks
    taking they time to write lines when my rhymes come naturally

    wot up cuz

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    with quick fire lyrics like a mini gun
    aces can make u sound like a silly c u n t
    so dont come up to me with that front
    cos im on a musical manhunt
    an il
    be murkin mcs for certain
    wen im working the crowds
    leaving top dogs hurtin
    even tho im still young an im learnin
    the fire in my heart is burning
    ive got the hunger
    an number 1 is gonna be my number
    so be ready for me im gonna stun ya

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    not aimed at any 1 im just spiting some bars

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    Congrats You've Just Met The Sickest Lyricist,Now You Gonna Be Murked By The Illest S.H.I.T
    Im Not Into Fantasy Im A Realist,Now Pucker Up B.I.T.C.H Cause Your About To Be Kissed*
    Call Me Serial Killer Cause Il Snap Your Neck,Cackle And Take A Shot At Your Pop's**
    Listen D.I.C.K'S Im No Butcher But Be Warned I Was Trained By Lorena Bobbin's***
    Now Sit Back,Relax And Let The Lil Boy's Play,Cause With 6 line's Iv Confused Ya Brain's
    Just Watch While You Try To Murk With Something Lame,But First Lesson B.I.T.C.H.E.S Is Wordplay

    Have Fun

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    I Should Be A 'Comedian's' Toilet,Cause This Is 'Funny S.H.I.T'
    Il Call You 'Arsehole's' Cause Like 'Pile's' Your Getting 'Ripped'
    Think You Should Change Ya Name To 'Rizla' Cos You Getting 'Ripped Apart'
    Im Spitting Like 'Tiger' But You P.U.S.S.Y's Aint Upto 'Par'

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    ill skillz u carnt spit bars
    cum to ma ends left in scares
    ul get punched to venus and mars
    il be moving deep in the dark
    cum to my ends get slaughted in the park
    ill skillz i dont care if u dont respect mi
    i aint begging respect from a gay mc
    cuz ul never be better than me

    8 bar kill off braap :L

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    Bailey-g why u chattin skillz wen therez none there blud,
    ill end ur whole world wiit a punch and a thud,
    Sum say im like tyson wen i swing punchez,
    ill leave ur head swaying,
    iiM not startiing im just saying,
    i rip u appart arm from chest,
    blood spraying all over ur gay vest,
    i got flowz yea iim bringin itt bro,
    battle scar leaving his mark,
    i dont giv a $$$$ ill shoot iin the day or dark..

    lil Joke ting man nothin serious

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    Vintage bak and am rimmin ma endz
    am a movin man wiv a sik new trenze
    none of ya barz cart contend
    ye cart murk me so dont pretend
    if ya got beef then deal wiv ma man
    get away stupid little afghan
    i no ya mam shes called susan
    and she rang me like i wa batman

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