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Thread: Cool Cuts Chart 02.07.2005

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    Cool Cuts Chart 02.07.2005

    The Cool Cuts is the UKís leading tastemaker dance chart compiled from reactions from tastemaker DJs and the Cool Cuts shop panel.

    The Cool Cuts is broadcast on Ministry Of Sound Digital Radio every Friday between 4.30 and 5pm and on Tall Paulís Kiss 100 show. The Cool Cuts is published in the UKís leading music industry trade publication Music Week and on

    Cool Cuts Chart for MW issue date 02/07/05

    1 (2) THE BOXER / The Chemical Brothers / Virgin
    With Tim Burgess on vocals and a remix from DFA
    2 (4) JACQUES YOUR BODY / Jacques Le Cont / Data
    Set to be huge thanks to the Citroen car ad
    3 (5) THE OTHER SIDE / Paul Van Dyk / Positiva
    With mixes from Deep Dish, Mark Roth and Mark Spoon
    4 (8) OOH LA LA / Goldfrapp / Mute
    Tiefschwarz on top remix form once again
    5 (6) GIVE ME THE NIGHT / Xavier / Ten
    Cover of the Benson classic with mixes from Freemasons and Plastic Avengers
    6 NEW KAZANE / Hiroki Essashika / Intec
    Very hooky techno track with mixes from Tom Stephan and Sebastian leger
    7 NEW WAITING IN THE DARKNESS / Morillo / Subliminal
    Erickís back with a hot one for the summer
    8 (11) I GET THIS FEELING / Lovemakers / Oxyd
    Hot summery filtered house tune
    9 (12) MOSCOW RENDEZVOUS / Paradise Soul / Kinky Vinyl
    Excellent production from Mike Monday and Stretch Sylvester
    10 NEW GRACE OF GOD / One Hit Wonders / Gut
    New version of Fire Islandís 90ís club hit
    11 NEW THE HORN / ACIX / Matt Tolfrey & Craig Sylvester
    Acid house excursion, 2005-style
    12 NEW SUN RISING UP / Deux / Azuli
    With mixes from Jupiter Ace and Sharp Boys to celebrate their 200th release
    13 NEW TAKE ME AWAY / Haji & Emanuel / Big Love
    90ís dance classic from the Pin Up Girls is given a new treatment
    14 NEW STOPPAGE TIME / Guy Gerber / Bedrock
    With mixes from Max Graham and Tom Mangan
    15 NEW WAVES / Redanka / RIP
    With hot new remixes from King Unique
    16 NEW SATURDAY / Morjac / CDR
    Cool melodic house tune
    17 NEW PARANOID / Mihell vs Split / Qube
    Tough breaks house soundclash with a strong rap
    18 NEW 4 DA LOVERS / Sharam Jey / Underwater
    Quirky jazzy house track with a remix from Play Paul
    19 NEW MAKE A MOVE ON ME / Joey Negro / Z Records
    Quality production from Dave Lee
    20 NEW CHERISH / Ils / Distinctive
    Featuring a remix from Adam Freeland

    © Original Artists 2005

    The Cool Cuts is compiled from reactions from Tastemaker DJs and from the Cool Cuts shop panel: Black Market (London), Bradleyís (Halifax), Catapult (Cardiff), Citysounds (London), Crash (Leeds), Covert (Brighton), Eastern Bloc (Manchester) Global Groove (Stoke), HMV (Glasgow), Know How (London) Massive (Oxford & Birmingham), Mixmaster (Belfast), Plastic Fantastic (London), Power (Wigan), Pure Groove (London), The Disc (Bradford), 3 Beat (Liverpool), Trax (London), Tune Inn (Selby), 23rd Precinct (Glasagow), Vinyl Addiction (London), Urban (Brighton).

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