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Thread: Wigan Piers

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    Wigan Piers

    i like em ne1 else? think its 39's my fave
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    u mean no1 else on here even listens 2 wigan piers

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    neva heard of em

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    neither have 1 y r they gd ?

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    yea there the best club cds about

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    ok where can u get them from ?

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    err duno i get the copies duno wer u wud get em round ur area except download em see if u can get wigan pier 39

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    might be on here but i aint sure wasnt letin me login in

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    thnks for that

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    i got loada wigan peirs compilations. i dont rate em. bit wack realy sorry

    i used to be bang on the hard house n stuff but wigan piers is just lame

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    i aint really in2 my club much any more but wigan piers are still good ive got from 12-43

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    i think ther $$$$ meself like kinda like wigan pier 45 tho thats decent dont buy them tho i lisn 2 them on

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    [B]wens peir 47 out rascal

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    duno probaly already out i aint been getin the recent ones ive got 12-43 but i think 47 should be out by now 39's the best by the way

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    i no why u all didnt like wigan piers its coz they wer crap untill about number30 then they just got supa

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    pier bouncin

    yes lad i go pier evry fukin wknd and it is fukin mint the music is gd da birds r gd and itz fukin bouncin went maximes satday nite dats a sick nite out 52 is my fave pier

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    Quote Originally Posted by x2o_angela_o5x
    i think ther $$$$ meself like kinda like wigan pier 45 tho thats decent dont buy them tho i lisn 2 them on

    yeah there ok but a bit boring lol

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    Wigan Piers

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    i doooo i like 66 better

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    if you want the original ones you can buy them off

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