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Thread: UK Grime V US Rap

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    Good music is good music... doesn't matter whether it's UK or US.

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    us rap has gone down hill for the past few years. sell outs!

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    different content

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    and different delivery

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    All same , now days!!

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    I personally think that UK rap is a stronghold right now.

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    sweet !!

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    True say, Real music with passion shows!!!!

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    grime is a form of rap all the same to me like how you got trap hip hop and that drake $$$$

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    UK hip hop is lacking IMO. Grime is better

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    i love this music

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    Check out "Let it Go (Here We Go) - Messy b, Pricey & Dza Man" UK can compete on all levels!!

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    Also check out the new Grime Video "Wake You Up - Pricey Remix" Mad VFX in the video!!

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    US music is cheesy sh*t and they've started trying to use our beats!! How many of them try to do a dubstep, dance or house beat now?? Every single one of them are trying to jump on the UK Hype!!

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    Uk music all the way

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    Uk music

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    Uk music is the best

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    Uk is number1

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    Hiphop is always going to be in the mainstream and its because of that artists find it so hard to break out. UK grime on the other hand could be a chance for many artists to evolve and transform.
    people such as Wretch 32 make a good go at mixing their own style with mainstream music and look how far he has come.

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    These days, the content in US rap has become repetitive, but that depends on the artist. Released tracks are pretty dry these days, usually the real $$$$ is in an artist's mixtape

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    Check out Lokeythayg(dot)com

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