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Thread: UK Grime V US Rap

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    UK Grime V US Rap

    Yes its time for another one, but lets try n keep it smart now, no " US rap is wikide wikidie wack yo! " N crap like that

    On the comerecial side of things, US rap is on a whole other planet.

    But on versitility, i think the UK scene wins hands down, the most succeseful UK MC's all have their own sound, and you can tell who is who by listenin to a song with loads of different people on it.
    as for US rappers, i feel they all tend to sound the same, and no one is trying to break barriers to sound different to change the game.

    As for work load, both equally have to work hard to get to the top, for Grime, its especially hard to get heard, for a new type of sound that is comming up, people dont want to take risks on playing it incase it turns out to be a total flop.
    thats why the only real person to be heard is Dizzee rascal, other MC's have videos on channel U but where else?

    Ask an everyday person who dizzee rascal is, they will probally know who he is, ask em who leathal B is, they probally wouldnt have a clue what your talking about.

    and then after that, when they do get played in the UK, they feel they have to get heard in the US, like dizzee rascal did, and he got air.

    And as for americans, well, their scene is so big that they really need to work hard to get played, thats why i think they need to come up with new styles, but then, because the US is so commercial and money based, its a slim to none chance that a label will take a risk on a new style like they would over here.

    Post your views

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    i fink dat altho american rap is bigger i fink grime is beta n its growin 2 lyk u sed its hard 4 grime mcs 2 get noticed, but every1 knos hu jayz n eminem r.

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    It pisses me off when u see $$$$ like lil john famous and decent grime artists not getting noticed. Ive stopped listening to hip hop now pretty much.

    Grime is better but will never be as big as hip hop which is a shame

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    hip hop sound all the same these days, old skool was the murkin times but now im jus not feelin it

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    uk grime...cuz man can relate more 2 what there sayin get me!!

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    the skill level between american rapper and uk grime artists isnt even comparable, us dominates

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    Originally posted by The Fool
    the skill level between american rapper and uk grime artists isnt even comparable, us dominates
    get me^^ exactly

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    yea i feel that the UK MC's rap more about, life itself, rather then the majority of US rappers either rap about being in a club living the good life, 1 thing the UK grime mc's cant do because they aint living it, n the Us rappers rap about being "gangster"

    at the end of the day its the same thing being reguratated over and over

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    US rap is just them goin on about how rich they are, its like YEH WE KNOW OK!

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    $$$$ grime giv me uk hip hop any day, thats what reps the uk, the skill level is hgher... many mc's havnt got the skill for uk hip hop so they spit grime, kano is heavy, but nower near hip hop his rhymes are sick, but basic... i like to hear metaphors and punchlines, i dont want some dude tellin me hes original like worthers

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    ahh see we must have a different view of what hip hop n grime is.

    i see grime as basically any UK MC who speaks like he is from the UK n talks about the UK

    UK hip hop is what i see as english people rappin with american accents.

    but i think Kano is killing the UK scene, in a sense he is like US hip hop, he doesnt have a distinctive style, and raps over ordinary beats. N if he does that theres gunna b alot of people doing the same killing the grime scene.

    N plus, Hip Hop was in its prime in the 80's n 90's its all the same now days, give me jam master J over 50 cent any day

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    grime 4 me coz it was brought up around my endz nd i can reflect 2 it but uk hip hop isnt on that same level. skinny man, jehst, blak twang all sound swag 2 me where as klashnekoff nd akala r the best of ukhip hop in my eyes

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    i see myself doin uk hip hop, ther is a differance between uk hip hop and grime, the beats for one... and i dont rap in an american accent, uno that!!!!!

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    GRIME yer is unique to the uk .... but personally what i prefer is uk hiphop.... i think in general hiphop in america theres aload of crap .... but within there are some talented deep people... although GRIME.... and uk hiphop IS TOOO DIFFERENT.... grime is for example DIZZEE RASCAL... and the quality of the lyrics is minimal seeing as the fast quik beats make the bars hav to be quick and short ....and grime is a development of ukgarage and uno ud never mix ukhiphop with ukgarage?...... although UKhiphop examples... skinnyman...klashnecoff.. estelle.. akala.. there lyrics are deeper , more complex and use more of the bases of us hiphop but with a uk twist....

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    akala already has mixed it, rolll wid us remix ft earz baby blu an jammer, plus dizze turnt hip hop after boy in the corner

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    nah grime can get deep listen to sharky major-life aint a game he proves grime aint all $$$$ writers trus me

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    dizzee rascal is uk hip hop, boi in the corner was sooooooo ungrime lol

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    nah i'm talkin bout showtime dats uk hip hop but jus his style, boy in the corner was all grime

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    not 100% i wudnt class it as grime really

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    ders wot 2 tracks i would call uk hip hopish but da rest is really his style of grime

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