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Thread: Newbie Guide 003: Using Plugins in Fruity

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    Newbie Guide 003: Using Plugins in Fruity

    Using Plugins in fruity

    It is possible use VST and DXi plugins within the Fruity Loops Application, although some Steinberg VSts won't work.
    With most plugins you can set the note length. Setting the note length to a long note will be the equivelent to holding a down a key
    on a Keyboard which is a big advantage over samples because, samples will only play for as long
    as they were recorded.

    During the plugin installation process, it will normally ask for the VST plugin directory. If you have Cubase or Logic installed
    it will normally default to their VST plugin directories. This is fine as long as you copy and paste the .dll file that it
    installed to that directory to the Fruity VST plugin folder which will be somewhere like "C:\program files\FLStudio4\plugins\vst".

    If you don't the plugin may not work in Fruity.

    Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get a plugin ready for use in fruity.

    1. Open FL Studio Application.

    2. Right Click on the top sample in the step sequencer window and choose "Insert Channel">"More..."

    3. You will then be presented with a list of plugins that are installed on your computer. If you have recently installed a new plugin,
    then click the "Refresh" button at the bottom and choose "fast Scan (recommended)". It will the tell you at the bottom whether it
    has found any new plugins or not.
    To select a plugin, you must tick the the box to the left of it. It will add a little "F" to the box.

    Once you've selected your plugin, click the [X] in the top right hand corner of the window.

    The plugin is now setup to be used in Fruity. You only need to do this once for each plugin as it will automatically be in the plugin list
    next time you use Fruity.
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    To use the plugin in a track then follow these steps:

    1. Right Click on the top sample in the step sequencer window and choose "Insert Channel" > "*Your plugin*"
    replacing "*Your Plugin*" with the plugins name. In this case ive used Native Instruments Absynth 2.

    2. The plugin will now load into fruity and you will be presented with the plugins window.

    3. The presets that come with plugins are in different places in the plugins window depending on the plugin. In NI Absynth 2, the presets for the
    currently loaded soundbank will appear in the middle of the screen circled here in red. You can open a different sound bank by clicking where
    the green arrow is and choosing "Open Bank..." browse to: "C:\Program files\Native Instruments\Absynth 2\Sound library" and select a different
    sound bank.

    4. If the presets are not apparent in the plugins' main window then try clicking on the "Plug" symbol in the top left hand corner and select "Preset"
    from the drop down list. See example below. For this ive used Native Instruments Hammon B4 Organ which has a nice collection of presets.

    NOTE: not all presets shown in screenshot.

    5. To create a melody using your selected plugin you will need to send it to the piano roll by right clicking on the plugins channel and selecting
    "Piano Roll".

    6. You will then be presented with the piano roll window where you can create your melody as shown in "Newbie Guide 002: Using the 3xOsc Plugin for basses"
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    been tryin 2 get absynth 2 4 a while no, the demo will do me fine, buh i cant get it nowhere!

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    You can get a demo of Absynth 3 here ->

    It looks pretty good actually, I may purchase it

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    Newbie Guide 003: Using Plugins in Fruity

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    Thank you very much for these, kind sir. I need FL for something important, your tips about refreshing may have avoided an extremely frustrating problem before it started! This should aid me as a beginner at this, thanks again VERY much!!

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    Using loops and samples made by others is a great way to get started making music with FL Studio; however, eventually you’re going to want to cut up your own custom samples to use in your tunes. This tutorial will show how to use Edison in Fruity Loops to easily accomplish this. VST plugins come in two flavors, effects and instruments. Each serves a different purpose. The great thing about VSTs are that you can find hundreds of them online that are freeware.

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    FL has a friendly interface but sounds bad. I suggest to use Ableton or Cubase, they sounds better

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    None of the pictures are working, just wanted to let you know.

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    Great Tutorial!

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