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Thread: Yo, Jess!

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    Yo, Jess!

    Did you ever find out if anyone was running a stream of Hot 97?

    I would kill, I repeat kill, for the address if so!

    Thank you sire.

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    no i didnt but i found a back catalogue of streams on westcoast 2 k or somthing..

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    2,119 recently went up and wanted feedback. i told them to put the $$$$ on the fukin net like all great radio stations do.

    It's a shame that the number 1 station in the urban market is not on the web.
    I'll email (Funkmaster) Flex and ask if they're are plans to do it in the future.

    WBLS however does stream and they are the only station that can take hot97 to skool cuz of Wendy Williams.

    Wendy Williams:

    Gossip queen who was behind the "gay-rapper" story in the mid-90's, was on Hot97 until 1997 (she was suspended with pay, then not approached to reneg her contract) when she went to Philly(Power 99--not so sure of the frequency).
    Well Wendy is back and dishing out everybody's bizniss. ____, ___is bi and all that other stuff.

    I don't really like hot97 cuz they play the same $$$$ every 3 fukin hours so if i listen, its only for Angie Martinez on weekdays, DJ Clue Monday Nites, Funkmaster Flex every night but sunday, and DJ Kay-Slay on sat. nites, and the other real DJs. And that's even if i feel like listenin to "$$$$97" . listen to WBLS(Wendy Williams from 3-7pm NYC time, 8p-12a UK time. Or

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