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Thread: Newbie Guide 001: Making UKG Beats in Fruity Loops (FL Studio)

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    Nah the soundclips and the pics dont work any more coz they were hosted on a website that i dont own anymore.

    I'll try and sort out getting them ll back up again

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    *tips hat to Tempo*

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    Good Stuff Man, Dont Need Any Of It Myself Cos Im A Pro (obviously). Its Just A Case Of Findin Out Wat Stuff Does & Learnin To Work With It. Danny Weed Makes Riddims On A Laptop With A Few Basic Bits U No. Ruffsquad, Jme, All Make Beats On Fruity, Not As Much Anymore But They Were The Tunes That Got Them Where They Are Today.

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    i need the manual of fruity loops 5.0 and cubase 2.2 please send at this e-mail thanks

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    zacly what I need.

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    Can't you download it as a PDF or something from a p2p network?

    Ive got the manual for Cubase on the Atari ST from about 1987 lol

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    Hey Tempo d'ya know where I can get microphones that I can use to record with my pc ?

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    Any microphone will work, best off getting a Cardioid mic though. Sounds crisper.

    You might need to get a channel strip as well so you can get the levels nice. Or even a basic mixer will do, as long as its got phantom power

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    anybody got fruity loop studio 5 crack. hit me up

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    Can somebody tell me what beats,chords,bars use Eminem and 50 Cent.
    I am very interest in hip-hop. Where can you publish your song?
    What program is the best to record voice(audio)?
    Please answer!

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    tempo can u plz let me no hw to mke a 4x4 beat plz asap thnxx

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    yeah the pics and the clips dont it not possible to upload on imageshack or photobucket please

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    Very useful m8 thanks

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    Free Beatmaker Kits

    Believe it or not I've been making UKG Beats on my Iphone!

    Yes! With Beatmaker, and I love it, its a new app for the iPhone from Intua, and If you have it I found some free download kits for it here:

    I love train journeys now!



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    Shame it's not Linux compatible...

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    here you go

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    yooo qq, u no Sticky or Simon ? (Ill Kids) ?

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    Check out link for more lyrics and download

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    Check out, new music website.

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    Damn I gotta use this technique! Hey Which is the best Compressor for drums in Fl Studio

    More beatmaking production tips

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