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Thread: Newbie Guide 001: Making UKG Beats in Fruity Loops (FL Studio)

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    what is usually bmp in 4x4 Beat,2-Step Beat,Soca Beat, grimey/8bar in flstudio ???

    Breakstep Beat 135-140bmp

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    4x4 130 - 135 (usually 135 now days)
    2-step 132 - 135
    Soca Beat 135 - 138
    Breakstep 135 - 138
    Grime 138 - 140

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    Originally posted by Tempo
    i'll get on it. Give me a day or 2. (aint got time at the mo)

    It might be the case though that there aint a set beat pattern for this genre though like grime
    surely if any genre had a set beat pattern every tune wuld sound the same

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    Most genres have a "standard" beat. thats what makes that genre what it is and makes people recognise it.

    Take 4x4 for example, there isnt much variation in the beat from one tune to another apart from the samples used. But take grime, there is loads of different patterns that could be used, but generally the first snare is on the 1st beat of the 3rd bar.

    Ive just giving an example of one type of each beat.

    Obviously people can expand on these and alter the patterns.
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    Originally posted by Tempo
    4x4 130 - 135 (usually 135 now days)
    2-step 132 - 135
    Soca Beat 135 - 138
    Breakstep 135 - 138
    Grime 138 - 140
    yeah thank god

    i heard about 2step N 4x4 mix beats patern? it Is IN GARAGE?

    LIKE Play mj cole and another

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    Good work fella! I've been $$$$ing around with Reason and Fruity for a few years now, and all the tutorials I've found have been totally hard house and trance-centric which is all well and good -- but for me, it's all about the breakz!

    Youve inspired me to fire up my sequencer and knock out some ruffness - nice1!

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    Biggup tempo

    Nice stuff never really fort about using a soca beat but yeah.

    Niceness ur large

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    heavy thing
    big up

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    im on fruity loops 3, where can i find closed hat and open hat?? safe..

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    hi cheer i found this very helpfull
    you should right a book, cos people like it straight to the point
    so nice one

    if you could have a go @ that dubstep that would be heavy
    ive been listening to it, and dont really have a clue, its so weird.

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    plugin: drumsynth

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    Dubstep is kind of a grey area, its like a cross between grime and breaks.

    I'll knock summin up and see what it comes out like, but im sure its just a grime pattern (as above) but using breakier soundin drums.

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    so if we use them sequences up there are they royalty free or not?

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    Yeah. I made them and havent copywritten them so go for it.

    They're just the basic drum sequences of garage beats, no-one can copywrite them

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    heavy, hope some more can get up on here

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    hey how cyan i sample a beat, usin tha slicer, all 2 complicated
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    dont use the slicer use a wave editing program like wavelab / soundforge. Select the individual hit copy and paste it into a new window save it and import it.

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    aiite thanx man

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    these dont work man, or do they? upload them agen i wanna learn

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