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    Please let me know your comments on the site and what you'd like to see here

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    one at a time please

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    single file please. no pushing

    bet this built ur hopes up innit dc. thinking u had a constructive reply.

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    It did ! that's a heavy avatar though so I'll let you off

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    How about afew more sub forums? I don't think you've got every subject you could possibly think of covered.

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    Fashion Women Men Computer Games Sports Radio
    Films TV Motoring Jokes Shopping Magazines

    Could be simplified to media (inc. films & TV, radio, news and magazines), then lads' stuff / girls' stuff. For an added twist, only let males into their own forum and vice-versa (would involve people's genders being recorded, but could be a nice touch. Same kind of idea as 'VIP sections' you see on other sites.)

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    Notice the scope this gives for sexist jokes

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    kinda' sexist don't you think? Not really feeling this JK.

    Like the media suggestion though... maybe 'media & entertainment' There's been lots of forum changes already, so we need to work out what forums are working and what needs re-working.

    Any other ideas beside forum changes, anyone?
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    Having exclusive sections for both sexes might go down well? It'd only be truly sexist if there was a section that only one sex could use and there was no equivalent for the other. Also I've never seen this idea on other forums, so something unique could bring this site a lot more activity.

    Apart from the sub-forums, I'd say things are looking cool.

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    Its not really sexist at all, its just as sexist as your sub forums 'Women' and 'Men' isn't it?

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    I do see your point, but they don't actually exclude either gender. Anyone can post in them.
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    Yus, i totally agree ^.

    Down with ure facisimisms

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    any chance you guys will enable sig's?

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    I would like to add some jokes and humor to it !

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    Re: Ideas

    Signature are active for users over 200 posts

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    your website is fine but the wallpaper is a little bit heavy and it's kiling my eyes when i read for a long time

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