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    Gas Mask.

    Please discuss.

    Personal opinion.. I LUV IT.

    Had it for time but just listened to it again.. CHOON.

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    Ed Rush and Optical are one main reason why I left D'n'B. This is pure Techno to me.

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    Luving Virus

    Gas Mask is probably one of my favourite virus releases. That tune is so sick!! I love the second breakdown towards the end of the track when the bassling goes all topsy turvy. The b side bacteria is pretty dope too.

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    yeah, gasmask is a good one. not my favorite virus release though, that goes to watermelon/sick note. now THAT was some good dark yet warm drum and bass.


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    Originally posted by pru: piper
    Ed Rush and Optical are one main reason why I left D'n'B. This is pure Techno to me.
    im feelin that! killed it for me aswell!

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    im feelin that! killed it for me aswell!

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    Exactly the time when I started to look away from DnB to greener, more soulful pastures...

    I've heard all the "bomb" tracks since then...I don't think I'm missing that much

    Still buy stuff on hospital, aspect, maxboost, some v, infrared, and classic ragga stuff etc. whenever I hear something that catches my ear but so far, nothing has hit me that hard that makes me want to go back to the "darkside"

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    Sen have you checked the new Infrared? I love it. vocals vocals vocals

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    the only new jungle track ive bought since 2000 was goldie's "beachdrifta". that was some niiiiiiiiiiiiiice business right there.


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    Pru, haven't checked it yet, but my stock came in yesterday, so I'l be going through records all weekend

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    your wife would love it you know

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    Hmm , I'm a techno head then as well!

    ED RUSH & OPTICAL as well as ANDY C and perhaps SWIFT kick me out the most!!!

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    Im not really a fan of the techno side of DnB. There are the odd few tunes i like but generally, it's not for me. I like my amens, ragga vocals and dark dirty basslines!
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    you're a dark, dirty gal

    Amen! Amen! Amen!

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    Mmmmm i dunno wot it is about a dark dark dirty bassline, but it really does something for me!!!! In fact i'd say it's almost orgasmic. Konflict's Messiah has me creaming

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    just got that on vinyl, its a heavy choon

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    what a crap toon I gave it I didn't get infected

    the best D:B )in my opion( has to be V records

    they have nice white base or of course old moving shadow or subbase other then that I gotta say I built my Garage and I am happy to be out of the Jungle..

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    Definitely think Ed and Optical have lost their way a bit recently though

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