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    Barcelona Graff

    Was over there on holiday recently -- shot a couple of rolls of film on the wicked graff they have over there... since I'm new to these boards, I thought I'd introduce myself by sharing... lemme know your thoughts...

    Here's a link to save bandwidth.
    (a couple didn't upload right so apologies there!)

    or for a thread on another site where they are a little less $$$$ed up try here:

    I'm mophatbass on there if anyone fancies saying hello...


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    hey do you play the bass guitar/guessin from your name? Im teachin myself how to play.

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    Yeah some of that stuff looks mad

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    Originally posted by BLitZng
    hey do you play the bass guitar/guessin from your name? Im teachin myself how to play.
    Yeah, I play a bit of bass, also DJ nu-skool breaks and D&B so I'm a total bass junkie in general.
    really need to get myself a new bass guitar though...

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    The main one of the dj posted on this page is great - I really like the stencil graffiti, so it is nice to see a mix of styles used in that one, stencilled stereos along with the freehand spray painted dj.

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    Yeah some great stuff in BCN. All around Macba and Raval in General. Some of the streets off Ferran & Carrer Avinyo aswell

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