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Thread: The New Server

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    The New Server

    Please let me know your comments here.

    Woohoo Warp Nine Mr Wolf

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    Not too bad I have 2 say. I could notice a slow dwn before while domain was still up. Maybe this is just DNS tho. Now looks like your just flying


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    HScene Mike
    I hope you all enjoy the new server. We will make sure everything is running top-notch so that you all can have a lovely forum experience here.

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    Feck we're going fast now !

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    HS Nick
    Its gonna be even Faster We just ordered an extra 512MB Ram to stick in the server that is on so that it will help speed things up

    Hope you guys all enjoy the server.

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    yes the new server is heavy man for real.... u can notice the change straight away...

    big up

    keep up the good work.

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    big up ! lol its all good

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    HScene Mike
    We're glad you all are enjoying the switch over to our server.

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    HS Nick
    The RAM upgrade is complete. The server was down for approx. 6 minutes while the RAM was upgraded.

    hopefully the server will run much faster and smoother now.


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