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Thread: Big Up Bbc2 For Helping Out The Garage Scene !!! Bless!!!

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    Big Up Bbc2 For Helping Out The Garage Scene !!! Bless!!!

    $$$$ing twats..........

    Great how they mention Garage n Guns n Gangs n Violence in teh same sentance on their documentry last night......

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    Whats so hard to understand about that ? UK Garage IS associated with violence that is FACT... people need to wake up and admit there is a MASSIVE problem that is totally destroying an entire genre of music...

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    ^^^ I understand the fact fully and agree.......

    But its not only UKG, its a Urban wide thing............

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    so who reckons the uk garage scene is going to get better?
    and why?

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    not its not.

    because its not. (thats why)

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    book a line up of people who chat about guns and killing then wonder why the people who come are interested in the same things!?!? thats just pure stupidity.

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