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Thread: Get Diverted @ The Lambeth w/ Just Be (Bushwacka!) - Aug 4

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    Get Diverted @ The Lambeth w/ Just Be (Bushwacka!) - Aug 4

    Get Diverted - 5 Years on the Terrace
    @ The Lambeth
    3rd August
    4pm - 4am

    RA Tickets: Get Diverted 5 Years on the Terrace with Just Be (Bushwacka) at Brixton Clubhouse, London

    Time certainly flies when you are having fun and Get Diverted have been having plenty. It seems like only yesterday when they put on their first Brixton Rooftop party at the then Dex Club, even then it was felt they were on to something special. 5 Years on and whilst the venue may have changed over the years but there have been two constant factors, quality house music and an unpretentious crowd that know how to party!

    JUST BE will be headlining this special shindig. Matthew B Has held many guises in this journey through electronic music which began in the midst of the UK acid house explosion. His identity and sound has undertaken many a metamorphosis through Bushwacka!, The End Soundsystem, Layo and Bushwacka! to settle for meantime on JUST BE! His 14 year residency acted as a springboard to the international circuit with Ibiza in particular holding a special place, playing at Cocoon, DC10 and Carl Coxís revolution parties at Space. The journey continues with recent releases on Get Physical, Maison Díetre and 8BIT and gigs at some best clubs and festivals on the circuit.

    Supporting JUSTE BE are Farley & Heller, in a now a rare set together. Although prominent house DJs and producers individually, London-based remixers Terry Farley and Pete Heller enjoyed their greatest notoriety working as a duo. They first surfaced in the early '90s as part of Andrew Weatherall's Boys Own collective, making their debut with a hugely popular remix of the Farm's "Groovy Train"; hits for Espiritu ("Francisca"), Sunscreem ("Perfect Motion"), K Klass ("Don't Stop") and Secret Life ("As Always") followed. They have also had chart success with Ultra Flava and Peteís solo release Big Love.

    Completing the line-up are Get Diverted regulars Elijah Collins, Samantha Blackburn and promoter Rob Alldritt and the usual fixtures of Hot Tub, BBQ and of course sunshine to aid the celebrations.

    Just Be (Bushwacka!)
    Farley n' Heller
    Elijah Collins
    Mister Shiver
    Samantha Blackburn
    Rob Alldritt
    Ollie Mundy & Aaron $$$$er
    Russell Wayne

    Mingo on percussion

    The Boudoir: Not For Squares
    Itchy Rich
    Ryan Shaw
    Tristan Kelly


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    Some grooves from Terry Farley to get you in the mood for Get Diverted's 5 Year celebrations

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    The artist formerly known as Bushwacka!, Matthew Benjamin talks new musical directions, parting ways with long-term collaborator Layo and why tech-house shouldnít be a dirty word...
    Just Be - Attack Magazine

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