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Thread: Unknown dance video - please help

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    Unknown dance video - please help

    Recently saw a dance video featuring a young girl running in sports gear through the city streets and crowds. Was doing some work at the same time so could not take down the title of the song and artist. The song was quite catchy in dance musical style ala Avicii or David Guetta and was played Sun night on free to air Dance channel and definitely one of recent releases, it may be in dance charts. Anybody would have any idea what this song might be with a girl running through city streets based on this describtion, the song may well be in sports adds.

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    No idea...but if you remember even a little part of the lyrics you can google it

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaoloConti View Post
    No idea...but if you remember even a little part of the lyrics you can google it
    I know that but because I was working in a busy place at the time, I have no recollection of the lyrics at all, just remember young sporty girl running through the city streets in the video clip and I was kind of looking out for the name of the song to come up at the end but that simply did not happen leaving me disappointed.. It may be one of the recent dance hits so if somebody is well caught up with dance charts, this should not be a hard question to answer...

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    I think that running girl was wearing yellow sports gear if my memory serves me right ??? any clues ? suggestions ?

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