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Thread: New to forum drummer, drum tutor, and website maker looking for advice

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    New to forum drummer, drum tutor, and website maker looking for advice

    I have just joined this site as I'm trying to network as much as I can because If you're not networking you aint working.
    I have noticed more people communicating more recently locally and on a world wide scale which is awesome.
    I have just started working with some musicians from america over the internet writing songs for example.

    I would like some advice on where I should put my following posts that I'm trying to find more work with.
    Firstly I teach drums so would like to find some forums on here and on other sites to where I can try to find some new students.

    Secondly I have just created my bands website which was all free apart from the domain name as we wanted a nice one. I would like to find people who need advice on doing this as I spent several days researching it and would like to share my links and methods as I tried about 10 different makers and sites out.
    I also would like to teach this locally. So any advice on where to advertise that would be cool

    Thirdly I have a band and my own music too. I'd like to find some new music forums/groups where I can share my music with other listeners. We have been played on BBC suffolk introducing and felixstowe 107.5 fm

    I can't post sites yet but you can find me on soundcloud 3-screaming-popes and meverett
    Many thanks for reading.
    Martin Everett Drummer
    Graduate of The University of Plymouth BA Music

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    Welcome on board Martin! Good luck with the teacing and everthing

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