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Thread: We Fear Silence vs. Idiosynphonic with Goldie & Fabio @ Cable 30.03.13

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    We Fear Silence vs. Idiosynphonic with Goldie & Fabio @ Cable 30.03.13

    We Fear Silence VS Idiosynphonic

    Saturday 30th March 2013 / Cable, London / 22.00-06.00

    Main Room: Goldie, Fabio, Commix, DJ Die, Technimatic, Koncept, Tomek N

    Room 2: Baratone, Katieís Ambition, Mr A, LíAmour, Sounds of London, Tetraplex vs Whippy

    Having built a reputation as one of the most recognisable men in dance music - Goldie's always been famed as a man of notoriety. Having set up the Metalheadz imprint, that slowly grew its way from being one time record label, to grand empire of dance music, he's forled a prominent career for the last 20 years. On 30th March, he makes his way to Cable, to play alongside the legend that is Fabio.

    Owner of Creative Source records, and much-named as one of the finest talents in UK drum and bass, Fabio, who til April last year used his Radio 1 show as a platform to shout new talent. Heíll be here, at Cable, on the 30th.

    DJ Die, a stalwart character from the early days of break beat, is sure to also bring the party. With both Die, and Goldie coming from Bristol, Idiosynphonic will see the reuniting of an instinct that grew from West England to become a worldwide phenomenon.

    Commix, the Cambridge ex-duo, now one piece, who became an undeniable staple of Goldieís very own Metalheadz imprint, donít often get up on the decks. Of the Cambridge trinity that surged into being through the early 00ís, Commix are the ones that stood out alongside their counterparts. The 30th will be one of a very limited amount of Commix appearances this year. Donít miss it.

    New talent comes in the form of Technimatic and Koncept.

    So get ready to keep 2013 alive, get out and party.

    £10 Student Members
    £12 Cable Members
    £10 1st Release
    £12 2nd Release
    £22 Queue Jump

    Tickets available from: ∑ Cable Nightclub, London

    Cable Nightclub, London

    Sign up to the exclusive Cable membership: Members ∑ Cable Nightclub, London

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