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    I don't know where to start, I wanna write bars, aim far but from the heart, heart is dead beats like dre but no feelings left. Just doing me going solo like Tinie T, reaching MTV. Princey he gets it, hot like Jamaica still looking slick, his bars are slick, like his tricks to get girls on his d*ck. But me I'm talking, he's listening, were walking, supporting each other, talking about lovers, but secretly entwined in denial undefined category of rhymes, I'm his friend and he is mine!

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    I've been procrastinating I ain't lying, so you'll just have to accept my apologies for late replying/
    thinking of line writing? Then layout is important, otherwise it looks like you ain't trying/
    It's too hard to read, I guess you have a rhyme scheme, its just I can't see it/
    Looks a mess, I promise you, I wouldn't need a Mike to Beat It/
    Forget the rhyming, if you spoke that to me, I would have to think you were simple minded/
    more than an unrefined diamond, that needs a little polish to start their shining/
    But i digress, I dont mean to scold a younger, but I've got to be blunt to make you stronger/
    or you would get get bagged buddy, blazed from the first wrap, can't tell if its po? check the older/

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