I hope this finds you all well.

I’ve got an EP out, ‘The Sell-by Date EP’, which I just self-released under the stage name of Madame So.

My music is best described as lyric-led guitar pop and has been likened to Hole, Patti Smith and Polaris, among others.

I have just been featured in the likes of Afro-Punk as making “sincerely bizarre but bizarrely catchy indie pop”, in Rockinglicious as “bringing a throwback to Hole and Polaris, with [my] own tint of lyrics and a voice smooth like melting sugar”, as well as interviewed in Music-News.com and profiled in Supajam as "staying true to the nineties guitar sound rather than miming the seventies like a lot of on trend bands." ; and my song 'Sell-by Date' has very recently enjoyed some airplay on Gary Crowley's BBC Introducing show.

Please give it a listen and show support with a 'like' on Facebook, a 'follow' on Twitter and your kind word of mouth.

EP stream:madameso.bancamp.com
Website: madame-so.com