Hi guys,

I am from the United Kingdom business student, and currently doing a dissertation on whether digital piracy is the primary link towards 'declines' in the music industry as reported frequently by RIAA.

Below is a link to an online survey, should only take two mins and I would really appreciate some insight, it's really difficult to find places to share this in a diverse atmosphere!

Thank you in advance, and hey, maybe I'll spark some discussion and I'll share some stuff I've found out up to now.

surveymonkey dot com /s/5XRYTWN <<< Sorry, just registered and can't post links yet!

ABOUT THIS SURVEY: The results of this survey are to be used in a study investigating the primary link that music piracy harbours against the decline in music sales progressively since the introduction of peer-to-peer networking and other forms of digital piracy. Please answer all questions honestly, all data from participants will be kept entirely confidential and no personal information will be used.