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Thread: Jay C & Peter Brown - 'Disco Is Not Dead'

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    Jay C & Peter Brown - 'Disco Is Not Dead'

    Jack of all house styles Jay C draws on his wealth of club knowledge to channel the sunny funk-drenched sounds of the Balearic Isles into the ‘Disco Is Not Dead EP’ with fellow 4/4 expert Peter Brown.

    Buy the release on Beatport here

    Lead track ‘Disco Is Not Dead EP’ embodies its moniker to the maximum, thanks to infectious programmed loops and percussion, that from the off, instil the mood to party from sundown until sunrise. ‘You Lose Her’ mixes up disco vocal loops and big bold low frequencies that show Jay C & Peter Brown know how to shake-up a party. A serious serving of rich analogue warmth throughout the entire EP cements sunnier vibes for a winter season in this colossal club cut.

    Crafted by two of the finest producers of this style, ‘Disco Is Not Dead’ and Toolroom knows it. Join the funk revolution and keep your sets current with Jay C & Peter Brown.

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    Very good release lads

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