We are an indie games company called IceFlame. We are currently developing a car football game titled Soccer Rally 2. It will be released on iOS, Andriod, PC, Mac and as a console launch title for OUYA.

We are looking for unsigned bands and artists who would like to feature on the soundtrack for the game. Weve developed a music player that will appear on the screen similar to how youd imagine in the FIFA games. As a match begins your band name comes up on a tab with the name of the track next to it. The difference with our player is that we are able to track statistics on how many listens youve had worldwide and we can also directly link our audience to your bands website, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and iTunes.

The original Soccer Rally was very simple and limited in its scope, but managed to get to number 4 in the German App Store and continues to sell well worldwide months after its release. The new version has been considerably improved upon from graphics to online multiplayer implementation. It has been a way more ambitious project than its predecessor and this is one of the reasons wed like to feature real music by real bands and artists. We already have a few really good bands and electronic artists making up what promises to be an incredible soundtrack. But we are still accepting submissions from artists interested to be part of the project.

Here are a few screenshots of how your information will be displayed to the player.

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Attachment 16425

If you're interested or have any questions get in touch

Email: music @iceflame.com