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Thread: Is Dubstep the way forward?

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    Is Dubstep the way forward?

    Seems to me Dubstep is becoming very popular very fast... but curious...many don't know what it is, do you know?
    is dubstep the way forward?


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    Dubstep is good but it's getting way too popular just because of the massive basslines. Because of that every man and his dog are trying to just make the nastiest bass line and call it dub step. Which is getting a bit old.

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    To my mind dubstep is not music at all. I don't understand people who love these "sounds"((((

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    Is popular in this moment thanks to few popular artists...
    Have no future in the mainstream

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    Noo.. mainstream dubstep is just noisy and heavily compressed.

    The early stuff in 2000 onwards was pretty cool, had some interesting sounds. A lot cleaner production wise.

    If your into it, check out the originals like Digital Mystiks, Benga and Plastician.

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