Want some feedback on one of the songs i play on stage, any constructive criticism if you get me?

a memory wrapped in tragedy's a memory all the same,
just a vision of experiences not playing the game,
how the government or rule book suggest to you that it's played,
use your head and not your heart because your head can't be attained,
though in circumstance you may find yourself oddly dragged away,
from all the legal politicians and the companies restraints,
after hours long of searching through the newspaper you find,
that your lifes' just been a massive mother $$$$ing waste of time,

And as your job gets worse no money in your pouch;
youll find a solace greater than life,
and though theres cracks in your floor and a hole furthermore;
at least you've got a home at night

through post apocolyptic; cryptic messages forseen,
just leave you bitter and all twisted in the man you have once been,
and to your family your one big pile of rubbish so to speak,
have you took some sort of oaf; not to shower all this week?
you havn't eaten anything but leftovers for days,
and though your old and you are washed up it does not make it okay,
to be relishing a life that could be used by someone ill,
'cause no offence but sadness can be solved in just one pill,


'cause justice follows tragedy through loss and digs a hole,
that can't be easily fought out of wasting money on the doll,
and as your sat by yourself drinking to materialistic ways,
your wasting greenwich meantime on a life that people hate

CHORUS (finish on)