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Thread: Shelby's Elbows - Great Christmas Song

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    Shelby's Elbows - Great Christmas Song

    Hi guys - I've been promoting my mates The Gravity Drive a fair bit on here, but my duo, Shelby's Elbows have also got a Christmas single out - check it out on YouTube by searching Shelby's Elbows Christmas if you've got a minute...

    Got to be better than the same old Christmas songs every year surely?!

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    Here's the amazing high-budget(!) video...

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    Here's another link to try and get rid of that annoying Vodaphone advert that obscures the video above...

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    Just as a thought - does anyone else know of any lesser-known holiday songs?

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    Upcoming 14 year old (NO LIES!!) Hip Hop artist ShazStar releases his take on "Miss America"

    Watch the music video here!

    Tell us what you think! We love to hear your opinions!

    www [dot] youtube [dot] com/watch?v=nEwwqbZkWEU

    ^^^^ (remove the [dot] and add a "." with no spaces)

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    Nice work - like it!

    Thanks for all the view from this forum too guys - it means a lot to us.

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    Doesn't seem to be very active this forum does it?

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