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Thread: Hi i am new in this forum ..

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    Hi i am new in this forum ..

    How are you ?
    I am sakif , i like music that's why i join in this forum .

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    Welcome to UkMusic

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    thanks for welcoming me .

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    Upcoming Hip Hop artist ShazStar releases his take on "Miss America"

    Watch the music video here!

    www [dot] youtube [dot] com/watch?v=nEwwqbZkWEU

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    hey hun, i am new too, we can be newbies togehter, lol

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    hey folks, new to all of this, so please say hello, i dont want to feel like i chating to the computer, or did i just do that.....

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    top 10 a must see place
    vigan tour, borabora travel, lanikai beach

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    All newbies needs a some posts, so I'm joining to the above. Welcome.
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    Posting posting posting like writing new songs just make it build it up.
    there's another place to try:

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    Hi all, can't start a thread to introduce myself as I need 25 posts first but nice to meet you all the same way.

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