The previous thread was getting cobwebs so I removed all the crap and placed any useful tips, tricks and ideas here.

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It's kinda thick already but if you got any more feel free to add so anyone, new or old to battling, can get some ideas and hopefully develop themselves even more... There's always room to grow.

"1) Have a lot of mouth, talk big and you'll start to believe in yourself and so will other people.

2) Listen to a lot of different rappers, for battling you might wanna listen to Saigon, Jin, Llyod Banks, Cassidy, 2pac, the Game and Mobb Deep especially Prodigy. For tricky wordplay JR.Writer aand Papoose.

3) Use an array of words that you probably wouldnt use normally when your chatting to your mates, this improves knowledge of words and vocabulary. Dont use same words to much like Delight, thats what kills his rhymes. Dont go for the easy rhymes

4) Use metaphors and similies to really make people think. Not too much or you can be just viewed as a joker. Multi's are good but are better when they all connect with the point your making.

5) Anytime your out just keep rhyming different things you see, take note of words and names you havent heard before.

Peace Out"
--- Smokes

"Research on the person you are battling - personals are vital.

Adapt your rhymes - don't just drop the first draft of your bar, adapt it until it's perfect.

Be unique - try to refrain from just writing like everyone else, develop a unique structure."
--- IdE-iLL

"Very vital thing's when battling

Practice : practice, practice ,practice then practice some more listen ,read and write all the time if you want to be really skilled in mc battling ,natural talent helps as well smokes named some artists above.

Consistency: You have to be consistent in everything Practice, battling, dropping bars the more you put in the bigger you receive.

Confidence/ego: the battle doesn't begin when the person your facing and you start dropping bars it's about before and after the battle as well if your confident in your words then people will believe what you say which works with the spectators and also helps to lower the confidence/ego of your opponent it also helps you think better in battle because you feel like a winner. Being confident after a battle make's the voters feel like going with you especially if there aren't really sure who the winner is. Another thing DONíT GIVE UP!! People will criticise and make fun of you just ignore it and go strong ,haters are all a part of it.

Direct attacks: you need to be directing your bars at your opponent allot make sure you exploit any weaknesses, their name, their character etc but avoid becoming too direct.

Flow : make your rhymes easy on the eyeís good grammar words the actually rhymes keep a good flow throughout each drop good wording is essential in order to have a good flow ( I donít know much about flow if some one could elaborate that would be great )

Another important thing be unique with your battling structure ,choice of words, wordplay, punch lines etc one of the most important things DONíT BE A PLAGERIST"
--- Halo

"Practice makes perfect ? nope only GOOD practice makes perfect if your going to be writing rhymes all the time you still need to be learning and listening and learning from your learning and listening.The only way you won't imrpove is if your extremley stupid or just not practicing right you can tell who these people are becuase the make very little improvement in a long space of time. if your not sure about anything feel free to ask any of the more experience people on the forum."
--- Halo

"FLOW: This is a vital tool I used to improve my ability...jus write what your thinking down..then say it out (even whisper or mouth it if your shy) and see what it sounds like, then edit it to sound nicer and to mix well with your next line..."
--- Tazer

"Tips on getting better: try to write bars for atleast 20 mins a day non stop, don't matter if they're swag cos you're improving and your thinking of bars more easily. Also, try going to Tesco or a supermarket and walk round and just freestyle about the stuff down that aisle to yourself until you get to the next aisle. Becomes quite tricky "
--- Twisted_logic

"Art is the expression of the self. The more complicated and restricted the method, the less the opportunity for expression of one's original sense of freedom. Though they play an important role in the early stage, the techniques should not be too mechanical, complex or restrictive. If we cling blindly to them, we shall eventually become bound by their limitations"

"If you wanna learn to freestyle then do it everyday, doesnt matter how sh!t it comes out, just spit, put a track on and rhyme over it. Talk about things in the room and see if you can rhyme off that, if you can get any metaphors in even better.

Even more important than that, read. Read a lot, read anything and everything inspiration comes in many forms, you can read a news story and one word in there could set you off. Anything you dont understand look up in a dictionary, we live in a time of internet so theres no excuse anymore, I used to keep a dictionary with me and usually keep one installed on my phone nowadays, if you are going to use a word make sure the word and the context are right or you look dumb trying to be intellectual.

Watch a lot of movies, not just action, things with story's any film you've heard about a few times is probably a good start, usual suspects is good, you will have heard a lot of lyrics about kaizer soze, scarface, godfather, etc not all of these will help with bars, but these are films a lot of people have seen so the metaphors yuo make from them people will get, no point having a sick bar about a film 10 people have seen, and you know 8 of them.

I personally spend about 80% of my day listening to music, either absorbing the music, the lyrics or rhyming to myself. Try and have deep conversations with people, if your conversations rarely go past which car is the nicest or which girl has the biggest ass then your lyrics arent going to get past that level either.

Listen to some actual lyricists, you might not like some of them, fine skip them and find ones you like. Personally I like Fabolous - punchlines are crazy, Joe Budden and Saigon - both good story tellers, Budden is obscene but can be dark and depressing, suits me fine but not everyone, three sides to a story is good but i cant listen to the last verse no more, anybody can get it is good saigon as well if you want song suggestions let me know. Other artists
Joell Ortiz
Royce Da 5'9
50 Cent (pre shady days)
Eminem (pre-aftermath at most up to his second album)

For battle's:
Jin (dont rate him that highly tho tbh)
Serius Jones
Jae Millz
Murda Mook
Sway ( i think thats his name but he battles the next person - youtube is your friend)

If you wanna be good, absorb everything, in general writing try and go beyond the 1st level metaphor of just comparing a to b, try and go deeper or use some metaphors that have double meanings, cant think of examples right now but listen to Budden, Fab, or Sai and you will pick some stuff up.

Some good saigon tracks I like:
I know
Hood Life
In A Mess

Not all of them are deep lyrically sometimes the flow or a couple lines where the wordplay was amazing or the imagery or they just made a link in a way that surprised me.

The main things you should take from all this is
1. Be yourself, I totally disagree with making your voice deeper. Do whats comfortable and what you think sounds nice, if you spit with a higher voice then most then spit that, just be the best out (which should be your aim regardless)
2. Absorb everything, tv, cinema, books, radio, newspapers, otehr rappers, other genre's. You dont know where inspiration will come from. Think of all the rappers that will talk about something in physics, or other science, that doesnt come from p!ssing about on road all day laughing with your mates. General knowledge is very important.

I personally think you know when you have reached a decent level, when you are quick witted for one and will randomly throw in metaphors in normal conversations - not anything to do with spittings its just that you can make that link a lot quicker and better than the average.

Stay focused, I personally used to wake up at 9, go to college, spit at lunch, during the day, after college, cypher in the park, random battles cos someone wanted to test, bus rides, writing down any bar that came in my head so later i could incorporate it into another lyric or maybe change it into something better and then when i finally did get home, a lot of nights I spent up til 3/4 in the morning listening to music and just writing before starting it all over again the next day.
Dont matter if it turns out good, you might write one line thats hot in a pile of garbage but that line can be used in a different lyric, just keep the juices flowing and you will get better.

Also writtens lead to freestyles, the more bars you have and the more links you have set up the better your freestyles can be, seriously if you havent seen Juice freestyle, you are missing a lot, wake up show freestyle and the one in the car are probably the best freestyles I have ever seen. In fact watch Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme, that will open you up a bit. And if anyone needs the wake up show freestyles, send me a PM and ill start getting it out to people, think i have 8 or 9 albums worth."
--- kd0t

"Cassidy is a sick freestyler & lyricist. Grafh, sorta like Joey Bud can get a lil dark but his lyrics are immaculate, possibly one of the best at the minute as far as lyrically goes anyway. Rakim is in my eyes the best lyricist ever, he changed how people structured their bars, rhyming his words mid bar and not just at the end, and the complexity of his lyrics.

I'd say other noteable artists would be;
Cory Gunz
Styles P
Uncle Murda
Lloyd Banks (Not a big fan personally but he's ill with a freestyle)
Big L
Big Pun (Just because I'll never forget the 1st time I heard Twinz - "Dead in the middle of little Italy, Little did we know that we riddled some middleman who didn't do diddely")"
--- LJT

"Do not feed off other people's bars.

I can't stress it enough, but personally i find the bars that completly live off the other persons becomes weaker... just invent new hits back if you wanted a good come-back. or include 1bar that comes back to what they said, and the rest just punches out of no where =]. Its also a waste of a punch..

For example :
1st person:
Your mum is sh!t in bed//
She don't spit like you - you just swallow what i said//

2nd person:
My mum isn't sh!t in bed shut the f*ck up//
She don't swallow nothing, so get on your knees and suck up//"
--- Hoodzy