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Thread: Open Call out...

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    Open Call out...

    ...I see some old names cropped up (Bane & k-dot...whatup)...if anyone wanna battle check in here and i'll set it up. Peace

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    Shiiieeettt LJT, if you're back I might have to start being active again. Haven't battled anyone worthwhile in a bit so I'm rusty these days.

    I'm up for it, how you wanna do it? Tournament? One vs. One? Battle Royale?

    I'm feeling a battle royale, all vs all, might help kickstart the forum again but I'm on whatever.

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    I drop in now and then just to see if anyone still gets busy but when I seen some familiar names this time I had to speak up!
    Im with whatever tho. If theres enough around lets go all out royale n see what we are working with. Or we can have a lil back n fourth n try get ppl interested n noticing again. Think a tourney might be a lil too much right now.

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    Aight all vs all it is, everyones a target type ish

    Either you drop first or I'll drop when I finish work (can't really get caught writing bars, wouldn't know how to explain it lol)

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    glad to see you back as well LJT

    haha yea i am rusty as well, I prob wont jump in until next week because I am the opposite of Bane and only write at work (lol). Not fussed about winners personally will just be fun to go back and forth.

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    @Everyone! Not that I need to write it, in this thread if you even think it's about you that means it is lol

    You overgrown fruits, I spit pest infected rounds /
    So when my Sandy flow hits, you Big Apples get shut down //
    Better get the keys to a whip, put the gear into sixth
    Cos the only way you'll be first is if you clutch down //

    Truss me I come hard, like I'm on Viagra when I bust /
    Only hard bars you lot got is when you're standing on the bus //
    Eternal pain and flames is what I'm bringing to your death /
    But don't believe the saying, there's no Prada on my creps //
    Last edited by Bane; 08-11-2012 at 09:32 PM. Reason: "fruit" to "fruits" lol

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    This should be fun...and if anyone needs anything explained just ask...

    Step aside when the best arrive, all you rats better run n hide
    Bars full of that pesticide, now I got you pests-a-side

    Welcomed home by you doormats, dudes been watching my throne
    Like Kevin McAllister your bars ain't grown, so I left that sh*t home alone

    The sig in your mouth, the only way your bars gon' be smoking
    I rhyme hollow tips that kill you quicker than cancer, or atleast heres to hoping

    Charred body, NO DNA match, made you deepthroat on my 'stick'
    No homo, Destroyed all of Bane's teeth with 'da-k', then made him swallow like a b*tch

    Quick 4 bars just to get warmed up

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    Hot stepper in the ring, be Mancini on a whim /
    Turn this challenger, into Duk Koo-Kim //
    Try throw bars I'm at the top so I'm hard to hit /
    You were born with butterfingers - all you do is drop sh!t //

    On the mic I hawk spit, bring the end of days /
    Brimstone and chaos, that's what the feet pave //
    You buy lyrics off of ACME, you only fail to attack me
    Wiley when I Run the Roads causing a heatwave //
    Last edited by Bane; 09-11-2012 at 08:59 PM. Reason: Uncensor :p

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    If am grippin' the mic I may as well be grippin' a knife
    Cause I'll spit you or stick you to within an inch of your life

    Am nice, I slaughter vets, logout after n feel no regrets
    Log back in n get busy, if you reply then your next

    This is my abattoir, your just my food this ain't beef
    Am the GOAT of this forum, you boys is just sheep

    Point my fingers like a gun, start spittin' n namin'
    Never miss when I spit, Bane better duck when am aimin'


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    Only time I dodge shots, is leaving my drink at the bar /
    Like I got Dodge shots, you think you got hit by a car //
    Split challengers in half, splatter their brains over the beat /
    Come hard from the dome, like getting brain after the beat //

    Pull the wool over your eyes, then you see the form of a beast /
    I kill this live stock, like crashing Wall Street //
    But no, I don't eat beef, I just body it and ship it out /
    I run things Shady, yep welcome to the Slaughterhouse //

    My bad bout the lateness, thought I posted over the weekend lol.

    Still warming up

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    Am'a go straight for this dudes neck, just like I snatch chains
    Fo' five to the side, one false move am'a splash brains

    If my name don't precede 'The GOAT', then your words are blasphemy
    You know better than to say my name, cause I got people in your hood that'll blast-for-me

    Irrational, a pathological truth teller, Just some words that best describe me
    Do the math, am twice the rapper you are, study my algorithm, but you'll never divide me

    You started proceedings, but I bombed first n you still ain't bust back
    You weak like a babies neck, if you had a gr'ape in your palm you couldn't bust that
    Last edited by LJT; 13-11-2012 at 05:35 PM. Reason: Because a small fruit is spelt using the letters R.A.P.E

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    Giving head in the pool is the only time you splash brains /
    Dildos in your ass your version of the strap game //
    I'm against smoking, so it means I don't like you f.ags /
    Switching places with your husband, only time you'll bust back //

    I've been known to palm gats, but prefer to get busy on the page /
    Leave blood after the rhymes like I write on my arm with the blade //
    So f.uck guns, I'm Mike Jordan, tired of shooting /
    I'm a Monarch he's a Duke, so don't be surprised when I Nuke 'im //

    ...g$$$$... Lol @ the censor.

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    I spit verses, like coppers, knocking on your residence/
    In hand, stacks full of evidence, I'm threatening with sentences//

    Call him Prison Break LJ, like I'm the warden he's scared of my pen/
    If I put him on the wrong side of bars he'll go back to avoiding UKM//

    I cut these 'characters' short with my vocab, I'm direct, words are~typed~than~messaged/
    You better create a Twitter account if you wanna see your~name~get~mentioned//

    I don't need to change my name to Baine so you can visualize you will be split by 'I'/
    You couldn't have a killer flow, if I cut your throat and spilt your life//

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    I never avoided or dodged nothing or no one, so stop pretending
    If I get @kd0t and let him # my words, they all gon' be trending

    I told you in the beginning, You can't touch my throne, go back n check
    I'm sorry I had to recite my bars, but this dudes a retard so what you expect?

    Cause I got more bars than any prison but no Dark Knight's have risen
    Spit Venom to Bane, hand punchlines to kd0t that'll beat him into submission

    Too little too late, Like the face on your watch mi-nute and the hands be running slow
    Yeah we know you can spit, but we all know kd0t still a h0e

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    Got bars of nitrogen, try 'em, lose more than your stomach for the beef /
    Your rhymes are stolen, I know, you're a Lyric Jacking Thief //
    My bars are golden, the site is mine, I'm a Bulli-on the thread /
    Kalashinikov beam between the eyes kd0t still couldn't be close to ahead //

    Check my mirror, can't see you, even though "Objects may be closer than they appear" /
    Call me Dylan McCann, get too close, I'll make you disappear //
    You confused thugs will end up in Crypts with Blood over your face /
    Like you drew a virgin, popped her, finding out how her cherry taste //
    Last edited by Bane; 15-11-2012 at 04:34 PM.

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    B*tch please, were you never told it ain't cool to lie?
    Every bar mine, so prove otherwise or go away n cry

    I stay slaying you Bustas, Flip the Mode when I touch-ya
    Cause I normally just spit punches, but this time my words Grevious, they gon' cut-ya

    Keyboard warrior, you stay angry at the screen, you've never been tough in the street
    And the only time your d*ck got wet, is when you pi$$ yourself in your sleep

    C'mon man, I ain't even gotta get hyped up
    Cause I got you shook before I even picked the Open Mic-on-this-site-up

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    Re: Open Call out...

    You only talk of submissions, because you have trouble pinning down~your~thoughts/
    The first round was a loss, the second 'l'... will give you pause (ll)//

    You've dropped a couple bars: couple hard, couple arse/
    I stay consistent with this distance, my ratings come with "Rrrrrrrrrrr!!"'s//

    I'm a writer's block personified, the reason for your declining rhymes/
    Spent your Life On Mars, you're stuck in time reciting your prior lines//

    I gift rap to you bītches, guess I'm St. Nicholas in essence/
    Then I'm gift wrapping your bītches; pūssy fūck your presence//

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    Let me pick a couple of your bars to start here...

    Indeed your Santa, consistent with your distance, you only come around at Christmas
    You 'present' me with nothing this year, like your kids saying christmas-missed-us

    I sonned this kid...and killed him in the same line
    Marvin Gaye'd his a$$, I Heard I was his father through the gr'ape vine

    DisARM this fool so I no longer need to read what he is FEELing
    They say the skies the limit but he can no longer REACH the ceiling

    KNEE'D to battle someone LOWER, cause I be leaving him deFEETed
    Have him cursing cause he can't walk a mile in my shoes, explicit deleted

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    Re: Open Call out...

    You spit like you fūck, quick to bust, and weak when you come/
    Don't know why you're talking guns, like evil 'habits' you're sinning nun//

    You're worthless, I drip acidic verses, amidst thoughts of death/
    I rip Lee, to you it sounds Alien, when it bursts from my chest//

    Switch the page to switch to Bane, slain, without an inch of strain/
    His dreams are sheckles, hopes of change, begging "Kaine, just pick another name"//

    No need for poppies in remembrance, there's no lingering thoughts around your death/
    By the time you're blazed, I've forgotten, plus it's only really worthy of the vets..!//

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    That ripley line would of been nicer, had my name actually been Lee...still nice none the less but...

    I know you don't think clever words will help you avoid your inevitable fate
    You know you'll eventually starve, when you stop feeding off every bar I regurgitate

    Don't just speak it, I leave your chest lookin' like a string vest
    Riddled with the mac, and your heart splattered all over your back

    You ain't real, a mirage, your just an act, a facade
    An optical illusion, me losin', be real son, that's a faux pas

    Watch how I dismantle your frame, build you back up give you your next name
    kn0t cause you ain't h0t, that part I didn't really need to ex-plain

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