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Thread: Open Call out...

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    p!ssed I had in my head your name was Lee for some reason, should have just gone with my gut and took it out.

    I will try and get back at you in a bit, just got a script to debug first :/

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    Spitting like retarded waiters, I find the task to serve him simple/
    He's under pressure, place sickness in his face, I burst like pimples//

    Like the twilight saga, depicted as, but he's a far cry from a monster/
    Call him 'Autumn Fun', seeds on string the only time LJ 'conker'//

    With every verse I build. he's killed. I reverse Ikea:/
    Delivery dismantle bars and ship them off to meet their maker//

    You could ghost write for Saint Peter, in heaven, by the Pearly Gates/
    That's-my-turn-of-phrase, I'm saying, your speech, stay a long way-from-flames//

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    Re: Open Call out...

    Lol I go for 5 minutes and you lot go at it. Haha had to write a bit more for the missed rounds

    Don't need a big gun to shoot flames and spread your brains like I'm buttering /
    Call him Long Johns Timmy, I'm not hot yet, he's already sweating and stuttering //
    You couldn't lick shots, if you froze a couple glasses of JD /
    I'm a boss, you start with a loss, your name's L-JT //

    B*tch please, I spit greeze, clog your heart, that's why you got a pain in your chest /
    So after the beef, go for a checkup, cos that's the only time you'll be worthy of the vets //
    Remove kdot, like I no longer have "Killer" as my middle name /
    Even if I was a castle in Ireland, my presence couldn't be Slane //

    They're trapped, no escape, not a place to dash /
    I'm a volcano, I incinerate MC's and scatter their ash //
    Call me Kano, a black dragon, I breath and consume the page /
    Your mortals in this combat, couldn't kill me with a Sonya Blade //

    Peasants approaching a tyrant, do more than massacre these folk/
    Stick there heads to a thread, and show the brave the result //
    So give a moment of silence, for these soldiers laid to rest /
    At heart Japanese, kamikaze, was their greatest attempt //
    Last edited by Bane; 17-11-2012 at 09:00 PM.

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    Re: Open Call out...

    I fathered your rhymes and gave birth to your lyrics/
    But guess I'm a negligent parent, didn't even know you were missing//

    Bane's reception is lukewarm, so if there's Heat in his speech/
    Then he's talking magazines or maybe, flicks that he's seen//

    I act like gold diggers, while I'm traversing your lines/
    It's disturbing my mind, to find, that there's no hint of shine//

    You'll die behind bars like we're in prison, it's shiv's that I'm spitting/
    If you survive then you're scarred, thinking "I should return to being missing"/

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    Re: Open Call out...

    Eastenders it may be, subtract d0t from these streets /
    Add two K's, have him wrapped in white sheets //
    You'll burn if you cross me... /
    Don't need a long stick, to strike these b*tches like lacrosse teams //

    That verse was in the basement mostly far from the top spot /
    You're more like Nandos chicken, you only pretend to be hot /
    My bars hold traffic lights for you clowns, jesters, the lot /
    Cos like the end of a sentence, I'll be making a fool stop //

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    My new god flow helps your faith grow, you pray for forgiveness
    Your lousy rhymes fall on death ears, but I know you gon' hear this

    Words to the wise, penetrate your eyes and calculate inside your cerebrum
    The punch lines stay hittin' your lungs, chokin in battle, you no longer breathin'

    Like my sibling, put my arm around you tell you it's ok, don't cry sis
    Sorry I forgot you were a dude, all this b*tchin' sound like you got a gender crisis

    Who be spittin ether like me, Bane? No, kd0t? No
    I go hard nightly, like am with both your girls, you both got your b*tches tendencies, 1 sucks while the other one bites me

    If this was a real battle I could tell you the finishing order, that's a trifecta
    Am first every time, you kids quadriplegics, bone collector

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    Re: Open Call out...

    My bad LJT, part of me forgot and part of me thought I already replied. Been tired this week but I'm active again

    His life revolves around bulbs, you know him, he be screwing in lights /
    That's why people laugh at your lyrics, you're that Living Joke Type //
    One on one, you can't touch me, you live in a bubble /
    So even with my wife and kids and the Parkers, you couldn't be Trouble //

    Your mum's a barber of sports, she likes to watch them shoot and pass /
    Cos before you were born, she done line ups, watching them shoot and pass //
    Only reason you're here, is cos her brother, took the-chance /
    And f.ucked the dirtiest thing on her, when he took it out her arse //
    Last edited by Bane; 24-11-2012 at 10:56 PM.

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    I air you boys out like I work for nike
    Leave that swoosh on your cheek, shank to the face thats a nasty strike
    Switch up the flow just this one time, let it be known you lames ain't G's
    I crack open your rib cage like a treasure chest, yeah I got keys

    Body outlined in the middle of a rap battle, chalk Bane up another L on his slate
    I've murdered you so many times, I ran out of that yellow tape
    Got you saying sorry, like please don't make me look like a b*tch
    Too late for that, heard you got slapped in your hood n you ain't do sh*t?

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    Re: Open Call out...

    Get insurance, you should feel privileged being in the presence of me /
    Cos you're a couple pounds short of a grand, you're close to a G //
    You don't stay strapped to the teeth, you got no heat for the beef /
    So I'm serving it raw, cut him open, he's pink and starting to bleed //

    You're p.ussy, period! Don't know where you got the balls to battle /
    I spit piff and slaughter everything from horse to cattle //
    Get high off my lyrics, everyone knows you're pissed to face me /
    I drop heavy bars that will crush you like Christopher Bailey //

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    I was gone for a moment, hoping that since I sentenced you to bars/
    you would start moving weight, instead of just exposing you're arse//
    To be honest, I'm kinda like a forgetful tailor, I forgot about this thread/
    I WEAVE WORDS INTO VERSES all caps, they go above your head//

    I provide solutions for problems, synonym: bane/
    tell this kid to calm down or im Rydalin his brain//
    Don't need to burn his picture to see flames sizzling his frame/
    Just hit reply, heat posted make him a twin with what's under his name//

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    You guys is a 'waist' of time, You want the 'belt', but that sh*t mine
    Grip the mic like a nine, guarantee they'll be two bodies by the end of the next rhyme

    Slap it on the ass, am fully loaded with some verbal assault lines
    Bane & kd0t, in the murder section of the book called unsolved crimes

    I aim '@kd0t', but this ain't 'Twitter' n my gun don't just 'tweet'
    My 'K' fitted with a 'd0t' and it's as loud as the sound when god speaks

    Class is in session, this is a lesson n am test'n if you show any aggression
    When I get 'Nasty' like 'Nas' & 'Burn' your soul like 'ether', 'Usher Raymond' with my 'confession'

    This ain't retribution, It's just an old fashioned execution here
    Let's avoid the confusion if it don't 'add up', i'll make the 'solution' 'clear'

    He only drops rhymes once a week that took him the previous six days to write
    The solution is now clear with six bars that I wrote this very same night

    I ain't finished swinging just yet, the North West slugger, rhyme cause I can
    Hit you with that 'Bat''man' n leave 'Bane's' 'brains' on show like a 'cat scan'

    Bane you a lame, before you speak hope you don't mind if I in-ter-ject
    Slice your windpipe, look at my sig, the mic bleeds, cause I stabbed it in-to-your-neck

    Snipe you from the 'Watchtower' you ain't on my level, your skills I dis-miss
    Wake you up early with bullets 'bangin at your door' like a 'Jehovah's witness'

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    I'm still about, but work... meh, I'll try and get back at you ina couple days has been way too long!

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    Jul 2005
    The clock is tick'n, ain't none of you dudes worth battling
    Your times up, your all no shows n can't be found like Madeline
    Tit tattlin on each other like it's f*ckin pre school
    I rip everyone of you muhf*ckas, damn you all fools

    You ain't ready to go to war, ain't none of you held a single toaster
    Forget lyrics, I got burners that'll f*ckin roast'ya
    Keep up with my lingo please, I hate explaining myself to the retarded
    So I do what I want like North Korea, your personal state gets bombarded

    Take note of my words, no confusion this is to kd0t & Bane
    I read every single one of your bars n boys them sh*ts is super lame
    Catch you in the street, run up n snatch your chain
    Boys diss you for wearing a tie-dye shirt, but really it's a blood stain

    I won't seperate my hate for neither of dem boys, they both a sorry state of affairs
    Cause real dudes are hard to come by, dem 2 get jumped like taxi fares
    Pathetic a$$ dudes who think they run this site
    Ain't been seen in a minute since LJT killed them both in one night

    N I ain't d*ck ridin, I just respect that he ain't hidin
    He murked both you boys n since then you been duck'n n divin
    Using lame excuses, but your bullsh*t, well am dividing
    I stand on my own two, hope you don't think I be siding?

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    lol I dont have the words..

    anyway sorry for the delay had other stuff going on.

    I'm back from this break to sit in a different class, I'm schooling spitters/
    Expand his acronym, show him what it would be like if his name was bigger//
    But first, his claims of triggers: lame, he only use the flames for dinner/
    And even then, like his verses, barely get's the flow to simmer//

    LJ's Terrible, it seems he's having a little 'trouble' with his mind/
    I should send those 'letters' home, he's held back by those 'sorry' lines//
    Did we switch roles? he's got me 'bored writing', Your (Year) 4's just look up to 'Seconds'/
    16's kill him how I tell 'em, I'm a boss, they're my murderous gang of Year Elevens//

    I depict verses with out the 'Iron Man' but still Tony Stark designed/
    Built for 'arms', never 'tied up', just get you 'smacked' with dope lines//
    LJ's Tyrone 'high' dreaming, but you will never have enough 'weight' to get 'over those' (overdose)/
    So a verse (thirst) of crack Leave J Trembling til he takes that 'method home' (methadone)//

    He wants to act a part, dreams he's 2pac, imaginary gun blamming in battles/
    If he was on top, then like Bishop, his Lyrics 'Juice' Travelled/
    But his 'role's' more a Loose Joint Twisted must be 'waved' if you think that he 'blaze'/
    been 'smoked' and burnt by these 'hot rocks', like hash, crumbles when facing the flames//

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    Re: Open Call out...

    My bad, been busy, tired and forgot to finish writing.

    I killed him in the fields, you weren't even an athlete on the track /
    Are U-sain? I doubt it, Carl Lewis, doomed to repeat history back//
    Even with a long pole, thoughts(Vault) of reaching the level I've set /
    You're Lazaro, you try hard but these bars stay over your head //

    You stepped in the ring with a King, you can call me the Don /
    When I'm in control of the Mike, you know I'll tongue Ty-Son //
    Throw your feeble shots try to get the title and get out boxed /
    I'll leave you unable to respond when your right-is blocked (writers block) //

    Your attempts don't phase me, please, you're barely a provoker /
    When I mix this dark on light, you overdose like heroin with that Coca //
    The threads like Colorado, this Dark Knight is far from over /
    Cos everyone came to see the Bane but all they got was this joker //

    My apologies for no reply but I set flames to this corpse to be fair /
    I didn't think I needed to be a volcano and scatter his ash in the air //
    And check out the new b.itch showing skills for licking ass and barking s.hit/
    Animal rights will come for me after you get put down for not being sick //

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    Less of a verse than a chirpse, it made me 'Sai' like 'AB'/
    If LJT spin him and give him 1 from the back, he's cool like AC/
    Heard you were dropping 'gay bars', how? you need (knee) to succeed (suck seed)/
    You must be Krazy, only good to Bone Thugs, not harming me (harmony)//

    How could you say "super lame" and claim the ability to take a verse/
    Rate the verse, or even, partially understand the words//
    I mean you grouped those words, weak even-you-could-tell/
    But when it comes to 'bars', you like bringing up the bottom so you can take on L's//

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    I stunt the growth of these up and comers like smoking at child birth, put these fetuses in the hearse am the worst
    Words cursed, I leave you transversed on the track, get run over n have your insides and outside reversed...Keep up

    Cause I ain't slowing down, no conscience when it comes to you f*cking moron's, I want you all gone
    But I keep you around and play with my food, cause i'm still a kid at heart, this way is more fun

    I spit that real talk, no need to be too clever, most of your bars are just nonsense
    You fake wannabe's come from money, but your pockets empty from rap, non-cents...

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    I stunt the growth of these up and comers like smoking at child birth, put these fetuses in the hearse am the worst
    Words cursed, I leave you transversed on the track, get run over n have your insides and outside reversed...Keep up

    Cause I ain't slowing down, no conscience when it comes to you f*cking moron's, I want you all gone
    But I keep you around and play with my food, cause i'm still a kid at heart, this way is more fun

    I spit that real talk, no need to be too clever, most of your bars are just nonsense
    You fake wannabe's come from money, but your pockets empty from rap, non-cents...

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