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Thread: Tor Cesay - 'Different Place'‏ Mixtape plus Mini Documentary

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    Tor Cesay - 'Different Place'‏ Mixtape plus Mini Documentary

    Download FREE Tor Cesay's new mixtape 'Different Place'

    Breaking from the confines of the tight-knit UK hip hop underground, Tor Cesay is flipping the rap game on its head with her melodic flow and fiery feminine ways. 'Different Place' is a fine introduction to the MC before her debut album drops next year.

    Tracklist includes:
    'POW 2011'

    Click on Splash for Full Download

    Rashad Smith
    (Lauryn Hill/Biggie/Nas/Jay Z)
    Jamal Hadaway
    (Chasing Pluto)
    Mixed By Show N Prove

    The mini documentary by Can Anthony is an insight into what Tor has been up to over the past year and what to expect from her next year.

    Website: Tor on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos
    Twitter: Tor Cesay (TorCesay) on Twitter
    Facebook Profile: Tor Cesay

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