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Thread: Ravers Paradise

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    Ravers Paradise

    24/7 Oldskool and newskool all genres with live djs every night of the week.
    Going since 2008 ravers paradise has over 80 current djs from superstar club djs to budding bedroom djs.

    We cater for ALL!!!

    Free downloads, live chat room, arcade, events, music library with over 4000 tracks, production area with 100's of free tracks to download, forum, and even live vote scores for djs with leaderboard!!!

    We let anyone have a go at DJing on our site and have a few open slots right now. Perfect for budding dj's to boost confidence in playing to a live crowd in chat or even big name djs for promoting events and such.

    We allow the discussion of other sites and stations live in chat as well as have the option to show your skills if you so choose live on cam.

    100% free to play with a non drama policy chat room that has staff on board round the clock.

    We welcome all, so if this is for you come check us out on

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